How can I escalate my service ticket? FP2 unusable and very frustrated

Hi, can anyone advise me on how to escalate my service ticket? It was raised several weeks ago (114928) and no response at all yet. Screen flicker/ghosting/freezing and general craziness makes phone almost unusable despite trying the various fixes, and microphone has stopped working too. Very frustrating as want to keep using and supporting Fairphone but currently would not and could not recommend it to anyone. Have stuck with it for almost 6 months now as I share Faitphone’s ambition on sustainability and ethics, but am getting close to abandoning the FP2 which would be very disappointing. Is there a phone number I can call to speak with them direct?


I don’t know the number, but calling them is a good idea. You can also post your ticket number here: Support request not answered yet

The screen flickering is “normal”, for the ghosting it is recommended to set the touch-hold-delay higher. For the microphone I don’t know a solution unfortunately, but you can use the search. Maybe there is a thread out there in which this topic was already discussed :slight_smile:

This doesn’t help any more. This option is discontinued since it only made more work and increased over all waiting time for responses. See:

The screen flickering was fixed by one of the updates.
@iago Have you applied the software updates?

It is on the bottom of the support page.


Sorry, I didn’t know that :disappointed_relieved:

similar problem here.
I had to wait 5 months to get the mobile after paying.
I received the mobile with the famous crazy touchscreen or hypersensitive screen …
You never knows if its a software or a hardware problem, so keep calm.
I tried all the solutions that I read in all the forums, even the “child painting app”.
I update the software with all the versions …
Finally, after another 5 months I gave up … about software. It’s a hardware problem.
I wrote to zendesk support (with another login, different from the forum login & shop login) in July 5th.
Today, 45 days later … til waiting, completely frustrated.

I know it’s frustrating, but there is nothing we can do here on the community forum to speed things up.
You’ll have to wait for a reply - it will come one day - or try calling them.

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