Hot Battery during medium use

I experience a warm/up to hot back of the phone(probably the battery) during medium use in room temperature conditions.
Anyone else exeperiencing the phone to get hot extremely fast.

No such issues here, it will help if we know what ‘medium use’ is, as that is a very subjective term.

Are you playing games, using an app Snapchat, are you using the phone whilst plugged in, etc?

It could be ‘medium use’ is quite taxing or there may be an issue with the battery.


So you are not quite sure about the real heat source?

How about taking off the cover and use your sensitive fingers to check?
Usually a bit above the battery most of the heat is generated from the cpu/ram section.
Many Fairphone 2 users do rather assume it’s the battery generating heat.


The battery may heat up a bit when being charged, but the charge process it being interrupted if the measured temperature exceeds ~42°C.

You can shutdown when the phone feels hot and take out the battery to feel how warm it is. Then you will realize it’s actually an internal part of the phone being a lot more warm.

I also seem to be experiencing this, although I have to say, I first noticed it when skyping with my girlfriend whilst it was plugged in/charging.
The heat seems to come from the top of the phone, near the fingerprint sensor on my phone, so perhaps it is a processor problem?

I also used up almost 90% of the battery this morning in 4 hours, making phone calls, using whatsapp video and browsing youtube.
I have just tried turning it off and charging it, after taking the battery out for five minutes.
It is now at 38% and has gone from cold/room temp to being warm to the touch. The warmth seems to be coming from just below the rear-facing camera and can be felt from both the front and back of the phone. The battery itself does not seem to be getting noticeably warmer except next to where the rest of the warmth is.

Edit: I have circled the part where the heat is coming from on the attached image (even though the phone is off)heat

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Hello, I’m also finding my fp3 is heating up quite a lot, in the same area indicated by SiShida. My battery is requiring more frequent charging. I noticed both these conditions about 3 -4 days ago. I’m backing up to try a factory reset. Anyone else had this?

I have this issue too after last update, version 8901.2.A.0118.20200406.

hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Have you tried the newest update FP3 A.0120 update?

there was mentioned that a battery drain issue since FP3 A.0118 was solved with A.0120 update:


Hi & thanks for your reply!
No, its not available on my phone. Do you know if I need to do anything special to see/get that update?

have you already tried to check manually for updates?
Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System update -> Check for update


Yes, I did, but I think the problem is resolved. The phone just needed a 3:rd restart (?) and after that all is good again. I’m sorry for making a bid deal about nothing in the end.
Thanks for your help everyone.

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For anyone in this thread wondering what gets so hot: it’s the processor, memory, and their power circuits. I think one of the power circuits also does the battery charging, since I notice the same area getting warm when charging.

Source: ifixit

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