Horrible camera on the FP2?

The image quality of the camera is horrendous if shooting inside or in medium-light conditions. It looks OK in broad daylight but as soon as you shoot in anything but this the quality of the images is really really bad. It looks like my old ericsson that i had in the beginning of the millenium, alltough with better resolution. The camera is also sluggish and slow to capture. Is this a hardware issue or is it something wrong with the default camera app? Is there anything i can do to make my images look ok or do i have to dust off my old digital camera and start carry it around with me?

I can only compare to my old phone (and old sony ericsson from 2011) and my girlfriends iphones 5 and 6 and all three of them had better image quality than this one (the iphones by a factor of about one hundred or so). This makes me sad. Is it a problem that can be sold or is it a problem i have to live with?

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I would recommend you another camera app. I use Open Camera, it’s a bit slow but the picture are fine, other users are happy with Camera MX.

I think the pictures are ok. The best mobile phone camera I ever had…

There are some problems some people experience with their cameras, e.g. streaks & flickers and bad focus. If you have one of these issues please continue there. -> A future software update may fix these issues.
If you are just generally not happy with the quality you’ll (probably, not officially confirmed yet) be able to upgrade to a better camera module in the future.

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I have both streaks in the image, lots of noise, weird colors and sometimes the focus is way off. Im going to look into those topics and try different apps. Thanks.

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