Hiding the signal strength indicator for the missing SIM?

I have currently only one SIM in my phone. The two signal strength indicators are a nice idea but, here, the second indicator is useless and distracting. I don’t find a way to hide it.

Don’t think it’s possible using FP’s own system settings, even after the last upgrade, but it can be done if you install the Xposed framework and the Gravity Box apps as described here:


Thanks. It seems a very heavy operation, with a lot of questions (what is this “Xposed Framework” and what is it supposed to do?). Any potential risks?

You can read more about Xposed here:

I installed it almost from start (got my FP in January) to get rid of the second SIM indicator and also a false roaming warning that affected some networks under the first OS versions. I haven’t had any problems at all. It’s a bit tricky to begin with - you must install the app, then ‘update/install’ and finally reboot after installing the framework, and not until then can you install Gravity Box module, after which you have to reboot again… but then it works.

I know that I’m not the only one using it.

Hi all,

I’ve used the Xposed Framework with Gravitybox (for example: to hide the second SIM indicator) but it seems to conflict with my launcher and/or Fairphone OS/Android.

Please be careful when using such tweaks.

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@ Robin,
could you give us some more information on the conflicts you experienced? If with your launcher: was it the default launcher or some other?

I had Solo Launcher for quite a while, but it had the same errors with other launchers (Go, Google Now, Apex…) The main problem was that when I exited an app, by pressing the home button, my launcher had to relaunch every time. Basically this spinning ‘loading’ thing popped up (default for android) and it had to reset my home screen. As well as my app drawer: every time I reopened my app drawer it had to ‘reset’ the icons.

Secondly: whenever I used the ‘quick launch’ tweak from Gravity Box (i.e. you could the drag the ‘unlock arch’ to an app, the phone would unlock and the selected app would be launched immediately), my phone completely crashed and I had to reset it by taking the battery out. It looked something like this, but note that this is not Gravity Box.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. Irritating but not devastating.
I’ve only used GB for disabling 2nd SIM notifaciton and (prior to the 1.3 update) the roaming indicator, and that hasn’t caused any trouble. I’ve noticed, however, that the offered option to adjust ringtone and notofication volume settings independently does not work (resets after reboot). Slightly disappointing but no big deal.