Hidden / Persistent Cerberus anti theft app

I’ve created a TWRP flashable zip that installs the disguised cerberus app as a system app (will survive factory reset) and with a accompanying addon.d-script (that survices a Lineage update).

This way, when your device is stolen, it’s harder for the thieve to get rid of the protection. The addon.d feature is only supported on Lineage OS and not FP(O)OS, so don’t bother flashing it there.

Download the zip here:

Installation instructions:

  • Flash the zip through TWRP
  • Reboot
  • Open the “System Framework”-app (this is Cerberus in disguised mode)
  • Login to Cerberus (be aware: this is a paid app!)
  • Set your preferences and hide it from the app drawer
  • Disable battery optimization for this app

Removal without losing data:

  • Open up ADB or your favorite root file explorer
  • Remove the /system/addon.d/99-system-framework.sh file
  • (Re)flash the latest Lineage OS release

Why not upload it to the respective WeAreFairphone-repository? :slight_smile:

It should be explained if it can be used on a degooglified FP2, and if so, how it’s paid. I don’t think it will work on this type of phones.

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The app is free (in the store). After registering you get a one week trial. After that you can buy it from the app / the web dashboard @ https://www.cerberusapp.com/ . No google store needed. A location service is probably required for the app to fully function, but probably alternatives to Google like MicroG will also work.

If I remember correctly it’s a lifetime license for up to 5 devices for €5. I payed through a Paypal link.

As far as I could see it is €5,- per user per year.

@snevas, after install I found there is an update available. Can I just update the app and not the system app status?

Made a new zip for cerberus 3.5.3:

I will do this on a regular basis when I update my ROM. You need to re-flash it every time a update is released.

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Just tested, but without google apps doesn’t seem to work. I can’t locate it from the web panel.

Same for me. I can’t connect via the webpanel. However, the sms-commands are just fine, at least the ones I tested.

e.g. send this to your own number (can be done using the same phone), with your password instead of ‘password’:

cerberus password find

It gave me a message indicating correctly where I was at that moment. Does that work for you?

Updated to cerberus 3.5.4


Updated to cerberus 3.5.5

No more zip’s will be made. Instructions in topic start to make your own.