HERE Maps not working

Hi, just tried „HERE Maps“, but all I get is a white screen!
Already tried:
Privacy Impact on/off
Location on/off
Might someone else give it try? thx

Are you using a stock image (with Google apps)? If not, you might want to set Location mode to Device only.

HERE Maps is working fine on my phone (using the default OS).

using stock image, Location mode is (of course) device only, and normaly off…

thx, restore is getting closer and closer…

Before you try a full system reset: sometimes removing an app and installing it again solves issues. I’m guessing you tried this, though it isn’t in the list of things you’ve done.

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And between App reinstall and hard reset you could also try wiping the cache (first app cache, then system cache in recovery).

Nope… I really hate this „don’t do anything, don’t say anything” behavior of various

I don’t understand. :confused:

Me either…
do you use German or English language?

Sorry for that post, nothing new (privacy impact)

Never mind! it didn’t work for me, so I made a factory reset this weekend, now HERE Maps is working… but c:geo is still not working!
Next step: I’ll try to root the phone when I have time, till then I will just use my phone.
Thanks 4 all :smiley:

c:geo is working for me, that’s strange that you’re having all these issues.

at least I’m not alone with the Llama problem!

The same with me. Here Maps just shows a white screen. I tried to reboot, empty the cache and reinstall the app. No results so far. Any more ideas?

Just a few minutes later and I found the solution in another post. - In my case it was the “privacy impact”. I should have followed the rule of first thinking, then reading and only then writing.

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Dear Werner. I hab the same problem (White scrren in HERE) Privacy impact “on” works. Very strange!! It takes me 1,5 h to find your idea. Now it works, - happy!

I have installed Nokia here on my FP2.
When I start the App, I only have a white screen, nothing else.
Does any body have an Idee, how to solve this issue?

Privacy Impact!

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Just have seen, that “Privacy impact“ will help.
Can you tell me, where To switch it on or off?