Here map starts and then it shuts down (a problem occurred ...)

Fortsetzung der Diskussion von HERE Maps not working:

First I had the white screen, which was already mentioned before. Could fix that with the privacy re-enabling. But when I tried to restart the app, it was shut down due to a problem - anybody got a clue what that could be? Thanks in advance

Please reboot the phone and try the privacy re-enabling again.
Sometimes it’s the solution.

Didn’t do the job for me :confused:

I don’t know here maps, but if they use the Google Maps API, the problem could be that you disabled some Google Services.

Oh well - yes, I did. All of them in fact. I thought it was an alternative and didn’t check if it runs independent from Google services. So no maps :frowning:

Maybe osmand~ works without google? (Since it’s on f-droid I assume this)

Yes, thank you. I found it coincidently shortly after and it seems to work nicely.