Help! Restoring backup doesn't work FP2


I hope someone can help me out. It is about restoring a back up from FP2 to my new FP2. With a back up retore (just following the install instructions on the new FP2) it just restores my apps. Though I opted-on all the things to restore on the new phone.
Usually it restores everything, also settings, backgrounds etc of the old phone (right?). In this case it doesn’t, which I am not happy about since the settings are the most work in my opinion. I don’t wanna change all my settings all over again. Both FP2 have the latest Android 10 update. Maybe I am wrong, but usually after a backup restore one can use the new phone just like where they were with the old phone…

I tried finding a solution on the support website, but no luck. Can somebody help me out?? Or are there other ways to restore? Thanks :grinning:

Kind regards, Chantal

Ps: sorry for my language, not a native English speaker and I know no jargon at all (kinda new here) :sweat_smile:

I tried it again today. Same result.
I reset the new phone to factory settings, started the install process. I chose ‘I cannot use my old phone’ so that I could log in on my google account and restore via the latest backup of my old phone. I opted in all the boxes, including apps and device settings. I go through all the steps until I see the default background and then nothing. No downloading of apps, no signal or anything in the top corner that something is happening or restoring. It has been an hour and still nothing.

Can someone please help me?

Since nobody seems to have seen this with an immediate idea in mind (and not everybody uses this Google backup capability) …

As this backup and restore method is endorsed by Fairphone, you could contact Fairphone support about it …
Forum consensus is that calling them should give you a way higher chance of fast communication or results.

Alternatively, if you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity (see #angelsmap) with Fairphone 2 or Google backup expertise, you could ask them whether they would have some idea or whether they would be able to take a look in person.

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