Backup only account data and local created content, and restore

My FP2 is up to date with the current FPOOS 22.12 .
The proposed backup restore solution with Google

does not apply to FPOOS.

I have all my data on external supports such as my own cloud, and mail provider,
with the exception of locally created photos.

So I only have to secure the account data and the locally created content.
Preferably with adb [sync | pull | push] source dest and a cron shell script running inside my PC.

How do I identify the directories containing the five account data and is it possible to copy these data back and forth?
This in view of having to test alternative OS es in the future.

The apks are available through their sources and are not a problem, I keep local copies of older functioning versions and a list.
What is the status of the restore function ?
see here

Would this be of any interest?

Note that you can boot TWRP without flashing it (see #twrpwoflashing)

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I did TWRP backup once. It produced a 1.3 Gigabyte file. Takes time.
Opposed to a backup of 6 https://* addresses with username and password !
5 are for dav5x/ 3 x caldav, 2 x carddav
1 is for the nextcloud app /data
Probably this amounts to less than 1 kByte
and all other settings some more kBytes.
and a small shell script installing all the apps which do not come with the OS .
in case of a fresh install another kByte.

I will test more with shell scripts and adb

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