Help on connecting PC and Android device

Hello, I have just received an order for a Fairphone XL headset… and I am already on a forum asking for help. This is going badly!

I have two questions for which I cannot find an answer, please forgive me if I have searched incorrectly:

When the headset is connected to the laptop AND the smartphone, how do you switch from one to the other, especially to listen to music - Deezer for example? It’s mandatory to connect from one and reconnect the other?

Second question: the sound on the stereo source does not come through. I have no sound. And if I use the hands-free source, the sound is bad for the music (at least much worse than connected on the smartphone).


How can I make the first one operating ?

I’m on Windows 10 pro. Thanks for your help.

Hello @Gros_rouge
When you want to listen to another device with any multipoint bluetooth device you have to stop the media on the device currently playing, no need to reconnect.

Unfortunately, for your second question it is a general bluetooth issue - the sound worsens when you have the microphone active due to shared channels of use, if you just deactivate the microphone the audio quality will get much better. Alternatively you could connect it via a DAC to your device.

Hope this helped


Hi, thanks for your answer.

Perhaps, I did not explained it well. The Fairphone XL earbuds comes in remplacement of a Taotronics BH090. That’s a very cheap earphone with mic, that had 3 years use in very bad and loosy conditions.

I have the earphone on both android and windows. I can use the old earphone in both mode (Stereo or Hands-Free) on the laptop, not only on the phone. The old headset does the job of connecting in stereo or hands-free on the laptop… it really changes the sound (really better in stereo). So, the question is = how is it possible to hear music on the laptop (WIN10PRO) with the headphones in stereo modes ?

You will understand that it is unacceptable to hear that this is a recurring Windows bug when other devices, old and less expensive, do the job.

I hope there will be some update to correct the use in stereo mode. Best regards.

Thank you for the clarification @Gros_rouge

Our audio product manager suggested to update your PC’s Bluetooth drivers, as the HSP (headset profile) seems to work (but with bad audio quality) but the A2DP profile (used for normal audio playback) doesn’t.

Let me know if that fixes your issue.


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Hello, I didn’t have updated the Bluetooth dirver as it was yet the ultimate one.

I have made the earbud update : Firmware upgrade stuck at 99%

Now, everyhing works as it should : my PC give me 2 fairbuds profile, one for HSP profile, one for A2DP profile. And it isn’t change anything with the connection on the phone.