Help needed - FP2 went hot and does not light up any more

My Fairphone 2 stopped working about two weeks ago. I felt that it went very hot in my pocket. When I took it out, it would not light up. Connecting it to a charger did not change anything: The red light switches on after a while (but pulsating slightly), and switches off again, no sign of charging, the screen stays black. I thought that it would probably be a battery problem and bought a new FP2 battery. Still no change. What could possibly be the matter? Which of the modules is the most probable cause? What can I do to further diagnose the problem? Thanks for any hints.

For information, I was running Lineage OS 15.

Hi Knurrhahn,

Since the battery was replaced already maybe your bottom module is faulty.

Have a read through this guide, it may help you to solve this issue without extra help.
The search function can bring up many more posts about users facing battery problems and many solutions as well.

See if one of our #fairphoneangels is flying close to your location which may have spare parts to test or for further troubleshooting.

The good thing at last is, bottom modules are still in stock. Also consider contacting the Fairphone support before you order more spare parts which may not solve the issue.


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