Help, I cannot turn on my phone from 2 days :/


I cannot turn on my FP2 since yesterday. Actually it suddenly asked me the puk code, (instead of the PIN), which I do not have!
And even if I search anywhere on my customer paper, I don’t find it.
It is a second hand phone but the person sent me the delivery note, where is the puk written, according to you??
Tried to call today the customer support and could not reach anyone.
A big thank you in advance,
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If you have to input your PUK code, it usually means there have been too many attempts to input the PIN. It’s a security mechanism.

The PUK code comes from your telephony provider, so from the SIM card and not from the phone. You can find it on the plastic card that your SIM was in when you got it (see below, on an expired SIM card), and usually they’ll print it in the letter you got when you got the SIM.

If you cannot find this code, you’ll have to get a new SIM card - but your phone will still be usable once you’ve removed the SIM card.


Many/some SIM provider nowadays provide PIN and PUK in the user account

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the PUK belongs to your mobile operator, not to Fairphone. It is usually printed on the card where you plug out your SIM card, or on the letter you get when starting your contract.


Hi everybody,

Thank you all for your kind help and support!
I eventually succeed to unlock my sim card :wink:
I have just one general question, that may need a new post but I am asking anyway.
I have had my phone for at least two years. I really would like to keep it as long as possible. Do you think that changing one of the parts of the phone such as the battery, will help? Thank you and have a nice day!


I would only change parts, when they are broken or worn out. As long as the phone is working, why do you want to replace something?


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