Help! FP2 won't turn on!

Help please!

My new FP2 turned itself off and now won’t turn on. I took out battery and put it back in, charged it, nothing. It’s on the black Fairphone screen and keeps vibrating every minute or so. Feels warm to touch. What do I do?

I think it might be dead. What on earth has happened?! It was working perfectly this afternoon, I charged it, and when I got home it was on the black screen with white ‘Fairphone’ logo on it. Still the same screen, then a vibrate, then black, then ‘Fairphone’ logo again. Argh!

Seems like your battery is deep-discharged and/or your charger not working well.
Take out the battery and let it cool down for half an hour or more. Meanwhile open up the phone and carefully clean the insides. Take out the SIM(s and SD card) also.
Put the battery back in and charge the phone without starting it until the LED turns green.
If it doesn’t turn green at all find a better charger. You’ll need a high quality data (4-threaded) cable.
Once you charged the battery successfully you can put the cards back in.


I did that and the light turned green, but it’s still exactly the same :frowning:

Did it start in recovery mode? (Volume up + start for 10s)

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I have the same issue… New phone, died on me a few times a day but usually just restarting it or removing the battery and putting it back would work. Now the screen is completely black, the phone doesn’t do anything as if the battery was out or empty (except it had about 70% battery at the time it broke down). When I put the charger on the usual red light won’t even appear.

Just tried recovery (full of hope ^^ ) recovery mode, doesn’t work either

I have the same problem… just bought a new charger and hoping this is going to work, have you seen the long thread about the same problem - offers some ideas.

I called the team yesterday, they’re taking it back for repair/replacement. So glad I held on to my old nokia!!

It’s the same with my phone - it doesn’t turn on. I really tried out lots of things. Then I wrote to the support. More than two weeks ago! I haven’t got an answer as to now. I have to admit, that I’m more than a little bit annoyed. Naturally I’m glad, that the Fairphone-Team has lots to do - meaning, that the idea of owning a phone based on ideas of sustainability and social values is spreading… But if that means, I have to have my old Samsung phone ready in case my Fairphone doesn’t work any longer and I don’t get an answer from support it’s a little bit nonsensical. (I gladly gave my old phone away and now had to call my friend if he could give it back to me or use his old phone :flushed: )

Please place your ticketnumber in the thread here. That could speed up a reply from support.

Thanks for the hint :smile: I hope it’ll really speed up the reply! I really, really wish my beautiful FP2 back, whenever I have to use the 4 or 5 year old phone I’m using now as replacement.

Hi Margoe,

I just called them - it all moved pretty quickly from there :slight_smile: Good luck getting your phone fixed!

I’ll try and phone them tomorrow (and I thought having a landline was useless ^^)… waiting 2 weeks for a reply from customer support is really a long time! I’ve had issues with the delivery to begin with, so I’ve now been about 3 weeks without a phone, that really wasn’t the plan when I placed the order -_-

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