Help fairphone seriously disfunctioning lost all my files

I am experiencing a lot of difficulties with my Fairphone 4 since few days. Here the problems i noticed

  • gps not functioning anymore, cannot locate me (i tried different appss)
  • cannot take and save pictures anymore, nor screenshots
  • cannot download/see images sent via whatsapp
  • and most annoying that just happened it seems all my files, pictures, videos and recordings have disappeared!

Any idea where the problem comes from? Anyone else having similar issues ?

That sounds as if you have a SD card inserted which is formatted as internal extension?


Alternatively, the internal flash might be failing. But if you have an SD card, that is the more likely cause.

Are you already on Android 13?

Have a look here and check with GPSTest app

I have an SD card yes, how can i format it differently? (But i have it for some time now, why problems happening now)

Regarding gps issue it seems i am still with android 12 so i don’t know if this is the problem, should i try to get android 13 (not sure how to do that)

Thanks for your help!

There are some Provider who did not yet get the upgrade

So for the time being I would check with the GPStest App and see if injecting time and Psds helps.

SD cards can fail and this brings more trouble when formatted as internsl extension

To check how it is formatted you could use the files App and check if the card is listed as seperate storage option or under settings- storage- switch to SD card.

When it is like here its formatted as internal

If formatted external its like here


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