Headset via socket: mic not working

A problem that I can’t solve myself and although there is a lot on this forum about sockets I can’t find a solution. My problem: I have a Sony headset but the mic is not working anymore. I checked the headset with another phone and everything is working fine. So the headset itself is not the problem. I cleaned the socket with no result. Is this a software-problem or is this due to faulty hardware and do I need to change a module?

Can you try it with another headset, maybe from your familiy?

Thank you for your thoughts. Trying another headset was my first action - sound comes through, mic doesn’t work.
Just to be sure I tried both headsets on another phone (my old Motorola) and they were both functioning fine.

Yesterday I took the phone apart, cleaned the connector and the socket. No result.

Just a general comment: not all headset functions work with all phones. However I understand the Sony headset worked on the FP3 and then stopped suddenly?

Do you happen to have an angel or any the FP3 user close, that could help you test the headset and/or top module?


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The headset worked fine and still can be used to listen to music. But on a telephone call, I have to speak via the mic of the phone itself. Annoying. With the headset itself is nothing wrong, still functioning with another device.
I am wondering, is the socket at fault since other headsets also won’t function correctly? Or has there been a software update?

I have no wired headphones that also has a mic, so don’t know if the earphone test also has a mic test. You could try dialling :

then pick ‘test single’ and ‘earphone’ to see? Probably only tests the earphone though.

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I did that - but like you said, no test for the mic.

Real shame there isn’t a test. I think yvmuell’s idea of finding a nearby Angel is not without merit, or you could spend your hard earned cash on a replacement top module in the hope that it just might fix the problem? Having said that, you could probably purchase a Bluetooth headset for around the same price.

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Exactly that I hoped to find out: do I need a new top module or not. A bluetooth headset is indeed a work around.

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