Headset microphone stops working during call

I’ve found other topics which were closed this Summer without a clear solution, so before contacting support by mail I’m trying to open a new one.

I own a brand new FP2 and a Urban Ears Plattan 2 Headset.
According to the Compatible Headset Wiki it is supposed to be compatible.
The headset worked very fine on my previous phone, Samsung A3 (Android).

The headset microphone has the issue that it stops working in the middle of a call, after some 10 seconds, or sometimes even from the beginning. It happens on every single phone call, whether I call or I’m called.

I have tested the headset microphone using a recording app, it worked very fine for a full minute.
I have no problem with the integrated headset, or with the car bluetooth connection, or with a portable bluetooth connection.
I can hear music and the phone calls from the headset without problems. The control button (play/pause, call pickup/hangup) works very fine.

I have Android 6.0.1 and Fairphone OS 17.10.2.

Tips and advise are very welcome.

I have nearly the same problem. Discovered that microphone mutes when screensaver appears. Means it works for a while, but the screensaver switches to mute mode during a call. Tried three different headsets, the last one listed as “working with FP2”.

Hi @Ulrich_Prinz, how do you manage to make calls then ? After some time screensaver always appears.

Without headset or bluetooth headset.

Almost the same problem here. The microphone of my headset (urban ears) stopped working around half a year ago (probably after update). But just with “normal” calls it’s not working, with WhatsApp calls it’s okay.
Also when I get a call and disconnect the headset first before taking the call, the microphone of FP2 is not working either… Then I have to call back with disconnected headset before calling.
Does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Since my phone was new, I sent it back for repair. It now works like a charm for the headset. I still have random reboot issues but new OS should be published February 20th. Until then I’m turning 4G off.

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