Headset microphone not working properly using USB-C Adapter

I have the same problem: I am using a headset with kabel an the usb-c adapter, that was bought at the fairphone shop. I can hear the person, i am speeking with, but the person can not hear me. the mikrophon-part in the adapter in probably defekt. We testet it with a recording- app and the sound was extremes quiet.
Should the headset-Funktion work with the adapter or is it just to hear streams, music or Podcast?
I am Talking about Fairphone 5.

Yes, in general it should. To be on the safe side I would test the adapter with a different wired headset. Or test the headset at a different device (without this adapter). What you are describing could be caused by a broken wire in the headset, too. I used to have a similar behavior with my wired Fairphone headset before I needed any such adapter. The soldering points of the microphone wire in the remote control were repeatedly lose, therefore the remote control didn’t work reliably either. After replacing the cable this was all fine again and it works quite well with some adapter (not the Fairphone one) with the FP5.

I tested it all: Voicerecording with and without headset with the app “Diktiergerät”

Test with other device (Samsung Phone, Android 9)
The microphone of the kabel-headset is working with that dvice with and without usb-c adapter.
Headset and adapter are working correctly.

Test with Samsung Phone, Android 13:
kabel-headset is working without Adapter, but is not working with USB c adapter: voicerecording sounds extreemly low volume.

The same test (same voicerecording app) with the Fairphone 5, Android 13:
without headset or with bluetooth headset the recording sounds perfekt.
With kabel-headset (using the USB c adapter) the voicerecording sounds extreemly low volume.

Conclusion: It musst be a problem of the software or driver in Fairphone 5 / android 13.

How can that be solved?

I would not conclude that necessarily, as not all functions of headsets work 100% of the time with all phones. Also, do I get it correct that you see the same low voice issue on the Samsung phone, when using the headset with the adapter?
I would def. test another headset before I point on the phone. Should it be the FP5 you have to contact support to get official help.

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There has been a similar topic where we tested different apps with FP5,

If contacting Support you may direct them to both of these links

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I have the same issue! 3 different headsets that work fine with an iPhone or laptop, very low or even no sound with the DAC adapter from Fairphone. I have an Android phone with a jack port, that one would not accept input from the adapter at all as far as I could tell but I will test it again today to figure out if it is Fairphone specific.

Does anyone have a solution yet? I contacted Fairphone Support a week ago but no response yet. I am still unsure whether it is the connector or the Android software, same issue on my other android phone. I am now thinking of buying cheap Bluetooth earbuds just to be able to make handsfree phone calls but that kind of goes straight into my “use what you have” policy.

I got myself “some” adaptor that enables charging while using headphones, too, and I didn’t have any issues with that so far. People called didn’t complain about missing volume so far. So I fear the adaptor is broken somehow. If you have a somewhat recent notebook or other computer with USB-C port you could test the adaptor there, too. Otherwise I fear it’s a case for the support…

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Thanks for the tip to try a laptop! I got a new one from work last Friday and just tried the connector there, same issue, very low microphone input volume.

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