USB-C adapter for mini jack earphones doesn't work with Teams app


I am using the USB-c to mini-jack adapter on my Fairphone 5 to be able to use my earphones-with-mini-jack. For phone calls, this works completely fine.

In Teams calls though, I can hear the participants in the call but they cannot hear me. I tried to find the solution in the Teams app settings (probably some rights or settings for this specific microphone), without success. When I remove the earphones, both mic and speakers work fine.

Anyone a suggestion?

Best, Sophie

Do you use the Fairphone adapter? In general not all earphone functions always work with all phones and I guess also not necessarily all apps. So somehow Teams does not recognize the mic in the earphones. Do you know which earphones you use, maybe someone with the exact same combination can test if they have teams

Hello @Sophie_ff5 . I did try to reproduce that and unfortunately I could.

I didn’t want to call work colleagues at this time so I did record the meeting. And without any headphones or on bluetooth headphones I could hear myself, while on wired headphones with a fairphone adapter, the sound was there just for a second and vanished.

I have not used my FP5 for calls yet, but I did try registering my voice via wired headphones and it did work, even though quality was not perfect.

I also checked skype - it should be similar to teams as it is all microsoft, but with skype I was able to call this testing service and was able to hear my voice over the wired headphones.

I am not aware of any special permissions for ms teams, unfortunately.

Edit. Not sure if that helps but I did test wired headphones microphone using Fairphone App troubleshooting, both microphones recorded the voice but the second one was clearer. I remember vaguely following the discussion which microphone is used for calling and which for apps, but anyways it should not be different for various apps…

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Yes I did use the Fairphone adapter. I have wired earphones (Apple earpods). Regular calls work fine, the microphone is recognised then but only Teams has issues.

I used JBL

But I doubt the heaphones are the issue.

Thanks so much for trying!

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and finally I checked the same headphones on my old phone on ms teams - worked.
So it must be something in settings of ms teams on fairphone.

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