Headset buttons stop working

Hi folks,
I use a headset with pushbutton and volume control integrated to listen to music. This works well, I can skip songs and adjust volume - until this “crashes”. The headset controls just stop working at some point, and only a phone restart brings them back to life. Any ideas how to fix this?

Hm, the title is a bit misleading. :thinking:

Are you using a wireless or wired headset?

Which type/brand is it, maybe someone else knows something about it.

Oops, thanks for the hint! I used the “Draft” function for the first time - must have overlooked that some other title was there. Corrected it now!
On your question: It is a wired headset. It’s a Samsung headset with no particular model number - I bought this ages ago.
EDIT: To my big surprise this is still on the market - it’s model is EO-HS1303

Here is another thread also covering headset issues. Maybe read through this for more information. As I don’t own a FP3 I just can hope for you there is a solution mentioned somewhere.