Headphone Jack question - Top Module


I have a fairphone 3+, the headphone jack appears to have fallen out at some stage and I’m looking to replace it. (I’m old fashioned and like cheap earphones!)

Sounds like a stupid question, but does the Top Module 3+ (16mp) come with a headphone jack? Doesn’t actually state here if it does, but seems the most logical thing as to where the replacement headphone jack would be, unless I’ve missed something.

Have a look at the second picture of step 8 specifically.

The headphone jack as well as the proximity and ambient light sensors are soldered onto the breakout board.

Maybe you are (or someone else is) even able to solve the problem with some soldering skills. If you are planning to replace the part nevertheless, it could be worth a try.


Yes it does :slight_smile:

It can’t really fall out though ??

The dark hole top left, above the F

See also this as you may be able to repair the one you have. If you open it you will see some tiny contacts that may be dirty or ‘missing I doubt’


It states so here … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035880131-FP3-Repair-price-list-and-FAQ-Cordon … see column “Key components”.


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