Headphone Jack/plug doesn't work

I moved your post here to avoid duplicate topics, please have a look at the experiences shared here.

Thank you. Did not think of “headphone” as a tag.
Obviously this is a common problem.
Restarting the phone did (for now) solve the problem. Hoepfully, this need not be done permanently.

I am facing a weird problem with my FP3. I wonder if anyone else also has the same issue.

The phone gets stuck in earphone mode even after removing the earphones. The only way I can get audio to play is to restart the phone. After I restart, the phone works fine. The audio (calls, media, etc.) works fine. But if I put in my earphones to listen to something and then take them out, the audio (calls, media) stops working.

Any idea why? Is this a software or hardware issue?


I moved your post here to avoid duplicate topics, please have a look at the experiences shared here.

Thanks. So what do we do now? Restarting the phone cannot be a sustainable solution.


Ik kreeg van fairphone te horen om de telefoon te resetten. Dat heb ik gedaan en de hoofdtelefoon werkt zoals het hoort.

I was told by fairphone to reset the phone. I did, and the headphones work the way they should


same problem for me:

  • Sound is OK through jack but after some time I can only hear crackles for around 10 seconds, and then, nothing. Tried 3 different jack earphones: same result. Tried different apps: same result.
  • When this occurs, only a reboot solves it
  • When this occurs, sound is OK through Bluetooth and on speaker
  • I experienced this problem 3 times this morning, on my bicycle, the phone being in my pocket. Even though I am not a mad max on the road, the movements of the phone in the pocket may be the cause of the problem
  • I did mention the problem to the online customer support

As the problem disappears after reboot, it might be a software issue.
Some other discussions about audio problems on FP2 and FP3 seem to indicate it is a software issue:

If so, a device replacement won’t be very helpful.
We would then have to wait for an OS update from Fairphone, or install another OS.


Got a reply from support: problem known and a fix should be delivered in next release … Don’t know when, wait and see


I experienced this for the first time today: I unplugged the headphones from a Fairphone 3 but the audio continued in headphone mode, not from speaker. Seemingly it did not recognize that the headphones had been unplugged. I hope it does not reoccur, or if it does, the software update will solve this. :crossed_fingers:

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I had audio plugged in the other day, and at some point the remote (pauze/play) did not work anymore (I verified it had worked before). Later on, when the headphones were unplugged, I heard no sound out of the speaker. A reboot solved the issue.

Did the factory reset of your phone solved the headphone problem permanently?

Na het resetten van de telefoon, heb ik geen problemen meer gehad.
Ik gebruik de hoofdtelefoon voor aansluiting met de HiFi instalatie en speelt dan probleemloos 5 uur.
Vergeet niet een backup te maken voor je de telefoon gaat resetten.

After resetting the phone, I didn’t have any more problems.
I use the headphones to connect to the HiFi installation and then plays for 5 hours without any problems.
Don’t forget to make a backup before resetting the phone.


Today I got my FP3 headphones, and I discovered the headphone jack wasn’t working, but I updated and restarted the phone, and the problem is gone. I hope everything will be ok.

Juan Antonio

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I use headphones almost all the time for calls, music and audio-books, so this issue has a huge impact on my user experience… I have never experienced any issue like this on any other brand I have owned, so, yes, I find it a bit disappointing to lean that so many others struggle with this, as it then appears to be a common problem that should have been caught in testing.

To make mattes worse, it really doesn’t seem than anyone have been offered a solution to this issue yet? Constantly rebooting your phone isn’t really a solution.

I’d really appreciate to hear from anyone who have found a solution or received response by support. I’m unsure where to go from here.

Best regards

Well, as I understand it KEB found a solution (so far) by performing a factory reset. I haven’t tried this option for myself yet.


I’ve had a fairphone 3 for a few weeks. I’ve been having problems while listening to podcasts on my headphones. Every so often the headphones cut out leaving me with just some quiet clicking noises. This seems to happen when the podcast is paused and then restarted for some reason, either manually or when the headphones are disconnected and reconnected. My normal player is AntennaPod. Once the sound has cut out it affects all apps and different headphones. Restarting individual apps has no effect. I eventually discovered that restarting the phone fixed the problem.

Has anyone got any insight. Something less drastic than a phone restart would be good.



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Hi Matthew, welcome to the Fairphone Community Forum :slight_smile: I moved your post here as it seems obvious it’s about the same issue previous posters here have described. From what I have read in the forum, Fairphone is working on a firmware fix for some hard-to-explain audio issue in some FP3s. I don’t work for Fairphone and I cannot say if the aforementioned fix will affect your issue, but let’s hope so.

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Cheers. This does seem to be the same ballpark of issues. Hopefully the firmware fix will sort things out.

Hi, I got my FP3 last week and have been having the same issue with headphone audio working, and then stopping after about 10 minutes. Is there any more news on a fix?