Headphone adapter doesn't work

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Since the FP4 has no headphone jack, I was forced to buy an adapter. I went for a two-in-one model from AliExpress
(Baseus 2 in 1 USB Type C Converter to 3.5mm Aux Jack Adapter USB C Charging Extension Earphone Adapter for Xiaomi 8 forhuawei|Phone Adapters & Converters| - AliExpress), but unfortunately, it doesn’t work properly. While charging the phone through the adapter works, the phone keeps playing sound through the speakers, regardless if it’s charging or not (data transfer also doesn’t work, but that’s something I could live with).
The adapter does work with my flatmate’s OnePlus, but it also doesn’t on both our laptops. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get it to work somehow, or do I need to keep buying different models until I find a proper one? Can someone recommend a model to me?

Is there nothing listed meeting your needs?

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I was about to mention that wiki, too, but also mainly to add your findings to the “problematic adapters” section.
But then it seems your adapter has already been added by someone else.


Well, I should’ve looked at the wiki, I didn’t know this page existed. Thanks :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:


Kind of, yeah. Most of them don’t have a USB C port, and the one that does is gicantic and unpractical for carrying in your pant’s pockets. Ugh I hate Fairphone so much for removing this damn port, why do phone companies make their products worse with every generation. It’s just ridiculous that you can’t call someone/listen to music/watch a video and charge your phone at the same time anymore.

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I’m going to buy this one now, since it’s from the same company as one of the models in the wiki, but includes a USB-C port.

I still find it stupid that I have to buy a 20€ adapter to use 13€ headphones.

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