Headband Base weak plastic?

Yep, I was decently convinced that it was an issue with the green plastic until yesterday, when one of my black replacement parts finally gave way. That means four instances of the same mode of failure, on three different parts, in six months. Starting to feel environmentally problematic.


After my second replacement on both headbands are multiple slight breaks visible.

I fill a RMA and ask if they are able to solve the issue. If not, hopefully I can send it back and return my money. I am not interested in consulting them every two months.

I am now convinced that plastic is the problem here. When can I buy them as metal?


Yet another broken band here, rather disappointing!

I am concerned that this is a design defect that will keep recurring. I was hoping to keep these for a good long time. Does anyone who has done repairs after the manufacturing defect was reported have experience with the bands breaking again? Or have they been good since then?

Fairphone should share the 3D model file for the part under a noncommercial license.

I got a pair about 6 months ago and one day both headband bases snapped at the same time while I was simply putting it on my head. (my head is slightly bigger than average but not THAT much).

I’m in the US and Fairphone seems to not ship this part here… so it isn’t clear to me how I can solve this issue. If they are having logistical or customs issues importing the part they should consider allowing customers to 3D print the part in countries they don’t ship to.


The same situation here, ones broke 5 months after buying the second one just now, very frustrate.
How did they make the quality test?
if they now know it is a failure on desing or manufacturing why they don´t openly say it. and resolve it. they lost many things on mistake like this one.
because this is so basic.

I hope fairphone has an official statement soon. After getting a replacement from fp, my other base is starting to show fractures and my hair is getting stuck in them… Saw this post from reddit where OP added a metal bar to the base. I love fairphone for the mission and products they produce. But 250 for headphones that constantly break is not good for the wallet nor environment…


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@admins Do we already have a company position on this matter? The descriptions and photos indicate that this is a manufacturing defect. I myself would be able to organize the production of such elements from aluminium or simply different more durable plastic. Just let me know.

Admins of the forum are not responsible to answer such questions, nor is the forum an official company contact. Please contact support.

What problem do you see with at least answering the question? Can you just tell me if there is any information available about this?

I will repeat myself: its a user forum and technical forum admins are not here to answer questions about products, nor am I, so please contact support or take what other users already shraed


So maybe you have heard something about this issue? Maybe something was discussed in other posts and we can collect it in one thread to help the community?

I encountered the same problem, already the second headband broken from normal use in some months, clearly a product defect. So also looking forward some communication from Fairphone regarding which long-term solution are they planning. I also contacted support.

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Hi all,

I wanted to drop a note to let you know that we are aware of the problem with the weak headband plastic. The reason for the weakness in the plastic is that we use a 100% recycled plastic material that was fairly new to the industry. We found that it had an unforeseen reaction with the mainly green coating we applied which made it more brittle over time. This deterioration was not found during our regular aging quality tests. By changing the design of the headband base and the coating and improving the production processes of the coating, we were able to resolve the issue and ensure it doesn’t happen anymore. What can you do if you’re affected by the issue? All you have to do is contact our Customer Support team to request an in-warranty replacement of the headband.

Let me know if you have any further questions!



Hi there,

I just replaced the part by myself two days ago - is this already the improved version of the headband base?

As this was already identified back in Dec anything else would be kind of ridiculous, however you never know :upside_down_face:

Just asking for a friend… :joy: :joy: :joy:

That may explain why my black Fairbuds XL are still going strong. Good to know my model isn’t affected. :tada:


I would also throw my black Fairbuds XL in the ring.
Since October 2023 I have had to repair the device twice (once the right speaker, once the headband base). Now after a short time the headband base broke again after I tried to take it off my head. Before that I had the headphones folded up in my empty shoulder bag. However, I noticed that the break always occurs in the thinnest point.

I have no idea whether I should create a ticket again after two weeks to wait 3 weeks for a replacement part or not.

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