HDMI coonexion to look

Michel Jehaes

It seems that sometimes is not on FairPhone to look screen with HDMI cable.

Solution for the future ?

I think, you mean, that there is no HDMI port on the Fairphone.

If you have a SmartTV, then you can share your display wirelessly. Go to Settings > Display > Wireless Transmission and search for your TV, to connect with it.

No, it’s not HDMI.
I buy a cable to transform micro-USB to HDMI but there is a software that
does’nt exist on the FairPhone … but I fergot the name (3 letters like
HMU but it’s not that !!)



I think that the software is “MHL”


I’m not sure what you’re asking for here, but having looked at the link you’re talking about a micro-usb to hdmi cable. As far as I know you don’t need any software to use this - but I don’t have one and have never tried one.

So what you actually say is that the HDMI-signal is always available at the USB-port?
I really should think that software is required to achieve that.

I have no idea since I’ve never attempted to use this, however a quick search around the internet suggests maybe so using an MHL cable [edit] and none FP specific software

I have Chrome cas y forwarded but nothing happened as signal for the projector
Excuse me fort my bad English !

Chromecast as program forwarded

Ok, so you’re not trying to use a HDMI cable at all? You’re instead using a chromecast dongle which is attached to your TV?

Are you therefore trying to ‘‘cast’’ from within applications like youtube, or are you trying to share your phone screen onto your TV. If you are doing the 2nd, then I don’t believe that is supported on the FP currently.

BTW, if you are struggling with English, try writing in your native language and we’ll hopefully be able to get someone within the community to give you an answer you can understand better :smile:

En français !
Je tentais de projeter un programme de calcul d entredoses de morphine à l aide du cable acheté qui va du miniUSB du Fairphone à la prise HDMI de ce miniprojecteur de marque Medion. Après avoir cherché avec l informaticien j ai téléchargé Chromecast. Ça ne fonctionne pas. Il semble qu il manque le HML sur le Fairphone.
Bref chacun a travaillé avec sa tablette mais c était moins interactif que perçu !

Je vais écrire avec mon PC car Fait phone modifie le texte tout le temps !

En français !
Je tentais de projeter un programme interactif de calcul de doses de Morphine à un groupe de médecins. Ce programme ne peut pas être installé sur un PC et j’espérais projeter mon écran de Fairphone vers un projecteur Medion à l’aide d’un cable “miniUSB vers HDMI” + le programme Chromecast sur conseil de l’informaticien.
Cela ne fonctionne pas et il semble qu’il manque le “HML” sur Fairphone pour pouvoir le faire.
Chacun a travaillé avec sa tablette mais c’est moins interactif !

Michel Jehaes

Hey Michel,

[eng:] maybe this (english) youtube video brings some light to your questions?
[fra:] Peut-etre cette youtube video peut aider (anglaise)?
Cheers, Robert

By the way, it’s unclear for me if Fairphones are MHL-compatible or not?
There is nothing on this on the specs, and nothing really visible within the settings as far as I can see. Is there a clear answer somewhere, or a simple app that would “see” it for instance?

I think it would be impossible for the community to answer this unless someone has an MHL cable and can confirm if it works or not.

I will raise this with support to see if we can clairfy


I didn’t advance a lot, but I found a site that seems to say the FP doesn’t work with MHL.
Or at least, when pointed to that address there is something like a lessage saying ‘sorry, but not from your device’…

I have an MHL cable I used for my HTC Sensation. I’ll see if it works for my FairPhone if I can remember where I left the thing…


Thank you!

Ok I just tried the MHL adapter but I get no signal on my TV. To make sure the adapter still works and I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I even dug up my old phone, charged it and connected it to the adapter and that phone immediately detected it was connected to a HDMI device and I got the phone display on my TV as well.

So, long story short, I’m afraid the FP doesn’t support MHL.