HD Voice with FP2?

I want to determine whether the FP2 has the ability of HD Voice or not. Voice calls to my HD-landline phone are in normal quality only. Does anybody know something about that?

Thank you!

Is it phone specific? At least it is provider-specific, so you mobile phone provider must transmit your call with HD voice.

Vodafone Germany has provided their own app for this some years ago. I assume the the normal phone app did not provide HD voice capabilities. I am not aware of the current situation. The app basically used VoIP with a good quality codec. And this is possible with FP2 as well with a SIP provider of your choice, a VoIP program of your choice (e.g. CSipSimple) with good quality codec (e.g. G.729; usually these codecs are not free of charge) and both parties of the call can use this codec (e.g. the other party has also a VoIP program with this codec or your HD-landline phone with this codec).


I don’t know anything about HD voice between landline and mobile.
But with swisscom network (CH) in a Samsung to Samsung call HD voice works well. And Samsung to Fairphone 2 in my opinion as well. At least my Fairphone-owning friends on the other side sound similar to my Samsung-owning friends ;-).

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Since VoLTE (Voice over LTE) comes with HD voice, perhaps you also want to keep an eye on How to enable VoLTE (Voice over LTE)?

It seems to be network and phone specific. My mobile phone provider Deutsche Telekom says, that all devices involved must support G.722 Codec for landline and AMR-WB (G.722.2) for mobile devices. Additionally there must exist a gateway between the two networks, as Deutsche Telekom mentions to have internally and to many other providers.

My landline is Vodaphone Cable with HD Voice working internally and to many other networks. Calls from my FP2 to my landline phone are in standard quality only (G.711 as my FRITZ!Box shows).

As the English Wikipedia lists smartphones with HD voice support, I guess it’s possible that our FP2 simply doesn’t support that. The site DeviceSpecications says that AMR-WB is supported by FP2.

So it would be great if anyone here knows whether FP2 supports AMR-WB or not. Perhaps somebody knows something about the HD voice capability between landline and mobile phone networks in general.

Thank you!

I have no idea, tbh. Don’t know, where to look for that information other than contacting Fairphone directly.
Those sources to me just seem not really reliable.
In my opinion a wikipedia list in the best of times works to tell you what there is; i.e. what’s on the list supports (is likely to) HD voice, but devices not on the list are unknown if or if not they support HD voice. I never would expect such a list to be complete.
The site Device Specifications names AMR-WB as one of the “codecs usually supported by such devices”.

Of course you are right, the mentioned sites are hints but no complete / reliable information. I will contact Fairphone directly and give further information here.

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That would be great. I really did not find any info online or in my phone.

Well, at least the Snapdragon does support HD Voice; according to the Qualcom specifications page:

Cellular Modem - last bullet point

And I would not expect Fairphone to not support this feature.

I have had excellent conversations in HD voice with my Fairphone 2, if that can help. I don’t know if my voice was in HD for the woman I was calling, but I could hear her voice cristal clear :wink:

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G.722.1 ist available for free for CSipSimple, but this is not G.722.2. Naming this codec implies AFAIK calling over IP, so anyway you either have to use VoLTE or use an app which supports this codec and connect to a SIP provider of your choice (the gateway to the phone network must support the codec as well unless both parties speak SIP).

“HD voice” is probably not standardized and can especially mean different codecs. I believe that G.722.1 is preferred in other parts of the world which is why this codec is available for CSipSimple.

“HD voice” advertised mobile handsets at some mobile phone company usually is a co-operation between the mobile phone company and the vendor of the handset which has to implement the required codec in his phone app which use VoLTE for this to work (which is nothing else then SIP/RTP without the phone company needs to tell you the credentials).


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