Have I bricked my phone?

I tried flashing Lineage today. Unfortunately, it went totally wrong. When I restart in recovery mode adb will not recognize my device, so I can’t flash a recovery.
Any idea how to sove this?

I flashed a TWRP recovery, then wiped the partitions. When it should restart in recovery mode, it doesn’t do anything.

Did I just brick my phone? It seems adb can’t recognize teh FP anymore and there is noting on the phone to boot.

You can try to manually reinstall FPOS:


thanks! You saved my phone and my sleep tonight :slight_smile:


Which guide are you following?
This doesn’t sound like Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki.
And if you want to follow that guide, don’t use TWRP just because it says “a custom recovery” there, on the Fairphone 3 TWRP doesn’t work the way the guide expects “a custom recovery” to work, just use the LineageOS recovery the guide offers.


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