Have encrypted containers on your phone


I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel here. Just wanted to add some specs to a previous post from @siltaar about encryption on your phone.
You don’t need to use mk2fs (since it’s most of the time a hassle for most of users). Nor you don’t need to format your sdcard with ext4.
Based on this post .
You can base your setup on mine
So no adb, no mk2fs. You can format your sdcard externally on a pc, mac or whatever with exFAT.
Then follow the instructions of @siltaar for EDS Lite to add the exFAT support.
EDS Lite has no problem with creating containers based on a pre-existing exFAT sdcard( like it actually should since it’s not its job to control that kind of things).

Like that you will be able to read your card on Windows AND linux and not only Linux, or on any other media capable of reading exFAT.
I’m currently using veracrypt containers( because I actually like veracrypt) and truecrypt of over 8G each and it’s working perfectly fine.

So here is my 2cents :slight_smile:

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