Has anyone tried Seedvault backup with Lineage 17?

Around the time of the FP3 release I stumbled over a Tweet by someone working on a convenient backup solution for Android that would work similar to the Google Cloud backup

Meanwhile they have version 1 out and the video description looks quite impressive, see https://calyxinstitute.org/projects/seedvault-encrypted-backup-for-android

Back then the author mentioned on twitter that this backup solution (Seedvault) requires Android 10.

So it should be possible to include that when building LOS 17 for the FP2, right?
Should be similar to Building with AOSP I guess.


I wanted to try, but building LOS 17 myself always fails with an OutOfMemory error towards the end (several long running java processes and one of them always crashes).

Edit: happens in “//frameworks/base:hiddenapi-lists-docs Metalava” with Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Have you tried assigning more memory to the Java application like described here?

Yeah, I think I did. I’ve been watching the RAM usage and in fact it simply does run out of memory (that PC only has 8 GB and they are full).

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@Ingo I have compiled it for you, but not tested at all:


Wow, great, Chris! It will take a little while to test it,though, currently concentrating on the Android 9 beta.
But then, maybe other people can check it out, too. :wink: