Has anybody received the latest security update yet?

I got to know that it does not have anything to do with the Vodafone network as previously said by people, but it has to do with the capabilities stated by Fairphone and the OS as delivered by them: The Fairphone OS does not ship the VoLTE and VoWiFi capabilities as stated in the Fairphone shop (see also the answer from Fairphone support in the article How to use VoLTE on FP3). Therefore Fairphone must deliver its OS to Vodafone where it is checked for Google certification, enhanced by the named capabilities and tested afterwards.

In last months there seemed to happen a problem in the agreed process between Fairphone and Vodafone - maybe caused by the Corona homeoffice rules on both sides. Now, even without your intervention on Vodafone side, this process is ongoing again and I hope that a new update can be delivered in the next few weeks. Additionally there is an improvement plan to make this process faster and easier, so that updates can be provided in time.


This explanation does not make sense to me, since updates are being delivered OTA instantaneously (including VoLTE and VoWiFi AFAIK) once you insert a non-Vodafone SIM card and Vodafone does by no means block them after re-inserting theirs.

I don’t see a problem for carrier-specific updates even when stored on Google or delivered via OTA or using another SIM than Vodafone for update. The problem is: Does the result work for the functions in question on the vendor-specific network? Please refer again to the before linked article from Fairphone support (which is why I’ve linked it).

In this case, Vodafone is not blocking the update, just the before agreed process between Fairphone and Vodafone didn’t work out as expected and thus unfortunately cannot be delivered to the customer. Please give another ~2 weeks time.

Fo everybody able to read and write in german language please use -> 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Kein Update vom Januar 2020. From everybody else, I’m happy to respond here.

Wirth O2 both works fine

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Amber’s post was not quite clear to me in either language, but as I understand it, the January update enabled VoLTE or VoWifi for some operators but not Vodafone, and Vodafone decided to withhold the update until it was enabled for them as well.

Thanks for letting us know! As I need to change my SIM to get the update, it’s useful to know when I need to do that :slight_smile:

Just installing now…

(and hooray for the notification LED!)

Not “Vodafone decided”, but there seem to have happened a “misconception” in the process between Fairphone and Vodafone. Maybe due to Corona? I don’t know. Something didn’t work out in the agreed concept between the two companies. Will become better in the future, as both work hard for.


Just installed A.0118 and cheering about the notification LED finally being back again, yeah!

How did I get it so quickly despite my Vodafone SIM card? Well, my old expired SIM from Lao Telecom helped out again, with it the update installed immediately. My trick is that I have now permanently installed the SIM from Laos as SIM 2. Normally, I have SIM 1 (Vodafone) enabled and SIM 2 (Lao Telecon) disabled. For the update I do the opposite, disable 1 + enable 2 and the update installs without any trouble.


For the Dutch readers here: I finally got A.0118 offered after checking for updates with an XS4ALL SIM enabled in slot 2. Yay! :wink:


:netherlands: A.0120 (from A.0118) worked for me via Vodafone without having to enable the T-Mobile sim (which I had to do before).

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Yes, A.0120 came for everybody, including the effort from Vodafone for their network. Unfortunately there were created multiple threads for the same topic, seems I forgot to update here.

My new FP3 arrived last Friday, with build A.011 installed. I use it with a SIM from 1&1 (Vodafone reseller), and everything works fine so far except that no OS update has arrived as of now. I tried numerous times already (Settings -> System -> System Update), but it always claims that the version from “5 February 2020” is up-to-date.

Are the Vodafone problems with updates still relevant, or have they been resolved and I maybe have a different kind of problem with the update?

Welcome to the community forum.

According to Vodafone users here this was resolved.
In fact it’s currently the other way around … Vodafone users got A.0124 while non-Vodafone users don’t get updated from A.0120.

Make sure you have a working Wi-Fi connection.
Else … You could update manually to A.0120 (currently) with this here …

… and then see whether the Updater offers you A.0124.


Wi-Fi is definitely working. I also tried with flight mode on and off: no difference. I had already seen the page about the update using a computer but didn’t want to try it yet because, seriously, if there’s a self-update function it should really just work, without such a workaround.

Seems like that’s what I have to try it now. Thanks for the welcome and the feedback :slight_smile:

I wonder if it is only the previous update (A.0120 I guess), which solved the problem for Vodafone customers, so if you don’t have that (I forget if that is the one with the Feb security patch or a later one), you will still have to get the update manually. Sort of - what I found to work is just putting another SIM card in the phone, even a defunct one. My phone could then find the new update. Weirdly it didn’t work with no SIM at all!

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I’m on A.0124 now, yay! I did the update to A.0120 using a computer as mentioned above, which worked fine. After that - with the SIM card and my SD card still removed because of the update via computer - I went to Settings -> System -> System Update to check for even newer updates, and it immediately offered the update to A.0124. Which also worked fine.

In hindsight, one thing which may have worked as well to get the update to A.0120 but which I didn’t try was to remove the SIM card and see if Settings -> System -> System Update then offers me the update to that version. Anyway, glad now :slight_smile:


Short question:
Is there still only safety patchlevel April 5th, 2020?

My phone has a June 2020 patch.

If I got it right, for non-vodafone users indeed.

Yes, but you put another sim in the phone to install the update.