🇩🇪 FP3 bluetooth problem with Ford SYNC3

That would be great. Do we have any hints that this will be solved by Android 10 or is it just an assumption?

AFAIK an assumption (and a hope).

Well, I don’t want to spoil the party, but I received this message from FP support today:
“We are currently investigating the root of this issue. Unfortunately, at the moment there is nothing we can do to solve it. Please allow us a reasonable amount of time to investigate this.”


I lately checked with the service app (or how you call it. it is under developer settings and all at the bottom) and got the following output from the Bluetooth-test:
No devices found
Test stopped”

I also did a restart into safe mode (should deactivate all apps that could mess with bluetooth) and could not connect to my car there either.

So I think I am all out of options. Hope this helps in investigating that further.

By the way. Connecting to other Bluetooth-devices with my FP3 works fine. Connecting to the “Sync” of my car also worked fine with my old FP2.

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Just got Android 10 on my FP3. Will try with that any time soon. I just realized I never tried with cable. As I recall Android Auto uses Bluetooth for audio, right? @HMZ What car do you try to connect your FP3 to?

It’s a Ford C-Max. But actually, it doesn’t really work with USB cable, just the Android Auto display will show up for some seconds. Then the car system will ask for a parallel Bluetooth connection, which cannot be established. I’m curious if it will work with the latest update.

I have good news. It works with Android 10!
I installed it right now and immediately testet it.
I think there’s a big chance that the update solves the Problem for all of you.


It worked for me, too. Seems like Android 10 did the trick.


That’s great news! The only thing missing is the Android 10 update. Still doesn’t show up for me… :unamused:

The update Android 10 did it for me aswell. I have a Ford Tourneo and paired it today after the update for the first time with my Fairphone 3.


You have seen the post, by @rae, that the update availability differs by network providers.

So, if you have another SIM card available from another provider, switching cards (just for the update) could do the trick. :wink:

Typo corrected.

I don’t have a second SIM card, but I’ve tried it without any SIM card today - still no update.

Maybe some friend or relative; if you want the update now?

Without SIM won’t work, as you have no network access.

Well, I have wifi…

That’s not enough.
Yout have to insert a sim card from a different provider in order to get the update.
That at least was the case with vodafone within the last months

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But - as far as I understand it - the normal update process is distributed by the network providers to customers of that network. And the SIM is a kind of identifier/key.
SIM plus phone identify you as someone eligible for the update
WiFi will not help, as it lacks the key.

Android 10 did the trick. Bluetooth connection to Sync 3 on Ford Ranger finally established


I can confirm that it now works with Android 10


…at the cost of noumerous other Bugs.

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