Hard Reset on FP1U doesn't work as it says here

I erased my files and turned the phone of.

As it is said I pushed volume up and on/off - but no android robot appears.
Instead there is only this text:

"Select Boot mode:
Volume_up to select. volume_down is ok

Recovery mode
fastboot mode
normal boot"

Please help!

Could you specify where the ‘here’ in your title is exactly?
Also, did you ever install a custom recovery/bootloader? That would explain why navigation is different…

Anyway, regardless of what’s going on, Recovery mode normally has a factory reset option. It looks like there are instructions on screen on how to navigate - if I interpret them correctly, you can highlight recovery mode using volume_up if it isn’t selected already, and then choose volume_down to activate it. You should get a new menu that contains options to perform a factory reset, though I’m not quite sure what it will look like as you may be using a non-standard setup.

Very thankful for your response, but don’t understand why I should have a non-standard setup?!

Now I got the robot. Hope it will work now.

It was just a thought, as I don’t remember that step being there. You’d know if it wasn’t standard, so it’s probably my memory failing me!

Good luck, hope it works too! Also, thanks for the link to the instructions you posted, makes it easier for others to follow what’s going on.

I am so glad - it finally worked.
Thanks for your help!

[quote=“ced1503, post:1”]Recovery mode
fastboot mode
normal boot"[/quote]

This selection of boot modes was introduced in an earlier update. “Recovery mode” has to be selected to get to the resting robot.