Handsfree volume much too low since Android 7

The title basically says it all: Since the update to Android 7 (FPOS) the volume of the speaker in handsfree mode while calling is much too low. I have all sliders set to maximum, no change.
Anyone experiencing the same issue?
There’s a button while calling in handsfree mode. When I tap it it says something like boost off, but I cannot get it to be on. If I’m not the only one with this issue I’d consider it as newly introduced bug.


That seems to be a known issue since Android 6:


Something must have changed during upgrading for you so you are now also affected.


Thanks for pointing me at that. It used to work fine, indeed, and I didn’t change anything except for the OS upgrade. It’s a pity this issue doesn’t look like one with a quick solution…

Hi there, I’ve got the same problem since the update to Android 7. But its not only during calls, it is permanent for the rearspeaker. Youtube, Music, App sounds and calls are very low and the quality is not the best. It sounds a bit like old music from the 50s :slight_smile:
On Android 6 everything was fine

Hi everyone, I have encountered the same issue on my phone (FP2, FPOS 19.02.1). It seems that the “Volume boost” value is set to “off”. Maybe this is the reason why the volume is so low, but I haven’t found a way to set this value to “on”. This issue only appears when calling in handsfree mode. However, in other cases, e.g. when listening to music or watching videos, the volume is okay.
Regards, Dieter

Hi @DFuchs , we are now in August and I am experiencing the same problem/ phenomena as you described in March. Did you already find a solution?

Same problem. With speaker set to On or Off, could barely hear anything for months, also constant breakup. This matters. Many phone calls I received, I struggled to hear what caller was saying. Taking notes impossible. Makes the whole phone useless, but I was expected to carry on paying direct debit to ThePhoneCoop for rental, as they would not accept the phone didn’t function, or wouldn’t accept responsibilty to repair.

In my case, the opposite happened: had handsfree problems with outgoing calls on Android 6 (on two phones), and the bug was solved once I installed Android 7 on both.

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Same for me, I can’t hear what my correspondant is saying, when I have the FP on the ear but also when I use a separate headset (using the jack plug).
2 questions

  • is this a hardware problem ? so that we need to buy a new speaker module
  • is this a sftware problem ? where to find the parameters to enhance the volume ?

Thanks for your help, I am really in a trouble since I use my FP for professionnal purpose
(FP2 from 2017 with Fairphone Open 19.05.2)

Problem is back on both phones. Seems that something sets the volume parameter down with use.

Correction: in reality, the handsfree low volume problem is intermittent on my two phones, although one seems to be more frequently affected. Couldn’t find a pattern that explains the problem or the difference. This may be the reason why I thought it was working after the update to Nougat.

OK, here’s the situation after some testing.

I have two Fairphone 2 in our household, both with very similar setups, updated to last FP Open OS. Both are very stable, only major problem is “random” low volume when loudspeaker is activated during a call. One of the phones clearly suffered less from this problem, despite almost identical setups. Here is my experiment step by step:
(1) Exchanged the microphone modules, behavior didn’t change.
(2) Reset volume levels to 100% of all available streams using Automate, activated loudspeaker using Automate, behavior didn’t change.
(3) Run ear and rear speaker maintenance tests before and during calls, changing volumes from min to max, behavior didn’t change.
(4) Observed that only one of the phones had low volume problems when calling my fixed line number, the one from the same operator (Orange) had normal volume while the one from a different operator (SFR) had low volume . Exchanged the SIM cards between them and VOILÀ! Behavior inverted, the low volume phone became normal volume and vice-versa. Repeated the test a few times, results are solid.

Conclusion: the bug is related to the interaction between different operators’ systems and the Fairphone OS. With a SIM provided by the same operator of the phone number that I call, I never have loudspeaker low volume problems. But with a SIM of a different operator, loudspeaker low volume will happen most of the time but not always , because calling the same number of a different operator again will eventually lead to normal volume, but the problem resumes with the next call.

Notice that in my case only the loudspeaker is affected , earspeaker and bluotooth earphone volume levels are always normal.

I posted the experiment results on the Bugtracker thread, hoping that it will be helpful.


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