Hands-free problem

Hey everyone!
I works get my handsfree to work. It works fine in other phones. There is no problem connecting in the same out-put to my stereo, so seems to be a problem in The soft-ware… What do you think? Its Bern like this from The start, i got my fairphone togs oktober. Thank you!

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I think we could do with a bit more detail about your problem

What have you tried to do already to fix this?

Are you using Bluetooth? And if so are you able to pair the devices. If it’s not Bluetooth, have you tried a different headset?

What version of Fairphone OS are you using? You can find out by going into the Fairphone updater app. V1.8 had fixes for Bluetooth but the update was pulled so you might have to wait a little to food this

Might also help if you let us know the make/model of your handsfree kit as others might be using similar equipment

Might also help if you disable auto-correct while typing in English (or switch to the English keyboard). :wink:

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Thanks for your answer!
Here is more info about my problem:
I do not use bluetooth for my headset, i use the typer you plug in with a cabel.
When i connect my fairphone with a cabel to my stereoplayer through the same outlet it works good.
I havet tried my headset in another phone and it worked good.
I havet tried another head set (that works in my friends phone) and it didn’t work either. I could not hear anything, bit my friend could heat me. When i connect my head set i cant har nor beeing heard.

I run fairphone kola nut 1,8
What can i do to fix this?


Sounds like it may be a hardware problem with your phone. I suggest you contact support directly to organise a possible repair