Can I have more than one dictionary / language at the same time?

Hey there! I am very happy with my brandnew Fairphone that I bought yesterday. I just have one query that you might be able to help me with:

I write my friends text messages etc. in both German and English and would love to be able to have 2 dicctionaries “active” at the same time. I write with swype and if the setting is on e.g. “German” I cannot swype an English word. On my old Samsung I could have two (or more) dicctionaries active at the same time, is that an on option? I couldn’t find it anywhere but would love to have that option!

Thanks for your help!

I Think you can aktivate a second dictionary:

Unter settings

  • Sprache & Eingabe
  • Tastatur (Tastatur auswählen)
  • Erweiterte Wörterbücher
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Yes and no… Look at my screenshot:
Do you see the little button next to the space key, with the little Earth on it? If you press on this button, you can switch languages.

Here is how to enable this: go to Settings > Language & Input > the settings-symbol next to Android keyboard (AOSP) > Input Languages. There you can select the languages, you want to be available. As you use swype, I think you are using the Google keyboard. The setting might be different there…


Thanks @timbuktu and @Stefan! Yes, it seems like I do use the google keyboard. I did find the setting part and have activated another dictionary. Thanks for your quick help and clear instructions! Have a great weekend :smiley:

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Glad to hear this has been sorted for you.

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