Hacking on the Fairphone 2 @ FOSDEM (January 31st.)

Reading the track schedule for FOSDEM, I just noticed that @keesj will hold a talk “Hacking on the Fairphone 2 - How to roll your own build and extend the Fairphone 2 hardware” at FOSDEM in Bruxelles on the coming week-end. Congrats to Kees, I really appreciate this talk!

I will be on the FOSDEM and definitely participate. Would be nice to meet some of you guys there.



There should be a live stream of the talk here:

After the talk we can have a small gathering


OK, so I found on the schedule that the talk is supposed to start at 13:00 and there are some slides here: https://fosdem.org/2016/schedule/event/fairphone2/ But the stream does not seem to be loading for me…

[quote=“Moritz, post:3, topic:13028”]
But the stream does not seem to be loading for me…

Yep, something is broken … and/or way too busy over there (stream-a.fosdem.org MistServer(?) only gives a timeout). Good that we have the slides and hopefully the video later.

Working: rtmp://stream-a.fosdem.org:1935/play/fosdem+ud2120cam (vlc, mkv, mplayer)

Transcript (fast and dirty … don’t misunderstand it.), please check the full video later:

  • The community says “I want my google apps and I want it rooted”
  • The story we want to tell is that you can have OSS and F-droid rooted
  • Amazon tries to have an app store, maybe they will look into this as well
  • Firefox was willing to make a port to the FP2
  • There are 4 OSs for the phone right now, very happy with that.
  • Hardware stuff: Extension port, 5 pins (gnd, 5V, charge, usb)
  • Yubikey (right now only works for one time passwords) for crypting the phone would be nice to have
  • usb for sharing data, serial port good for debugging as well, shows PCB.
  • Shows OT passwords with Yubikey (I assume the rest is not working right now)
  • How long till Android 6? (We are five people!), the phone is expensive to make, upgrades cost even more, we should look more in alternative operations systems (I think this is what he meant), but we need to reach market also.
  • “We provide the hardware and support, but we will not wast too much time on those” (Not clear, but I think this was the message.)
  • Nicer way to add the PCB is in the making, same for a better case to hold all this (almost usable)
  • GPS/Google (yes, google will take all your data)
  • Shows super bright LED case.
  • Someone asks about multiboot. Switching OSes? No … you have to buy two phones. (That’s so sad and stupid)
  • Hardware question: Can you modify the phone for hardware switches? (I think the answer here would be no, due to the SoC)
  • OpenPDroid (Set of patches for fake data, I think)
  • Takes about the Google Test (CTS Test, you can not modify the way the system works to pass google test. So no fake data on a google phone)
  • They will offer a hosting service for alternative builds
  • Currently they are just 5-6 people
  • Does the FP2 have a 2nd usb port? No, but the one provided is even OTG capable.
  • FP1 software: Status? This is my FP1, this I still use day to day. I value it very much. I have good news for you, because we have talked to MTK, they are not bad, but they need to sell stuff, we got base source code we can use to upgrade the FP1, but we are “big busy” … but in the coming weeks we will have good news.

(people start leaving already, hard to hear anything, I think some was asking something about modules … talk is over now.)


thanks for the link! still caught the last 25 minutes or so :slight_smile:

They should just post the links below every talk instead of putting their hopes in JS and browsers :wink:

Do you know how long it takes for them to upload the video? I’m eagerly waiting to watch the talk! (Most importantly the part about FP1 upgrades.)

I saw that part. The summary is quite exhaustive on that part. News in the coming weeks. Didn’t reveal a lot more :slight_smile:

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Last year they had the lectures uploaded after 1 month approx. Still it seems they’re getting better year by year, so you can hope :slight_smile:

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ATM it isn’t published yet, but it should appear here: https://video.fosdem.org/2016/ud2120/
Was a really nice talk (thanks @keesj!), so I’d recommend anyone to watch it when it’s uploaded :slightly_smiling:

Almost all videos are now online but not the one about Fairphone 2 hacks… :neutral_face: why?

There is a STATUS.txt which says:

OK: NOT AVAILABLE YET - WILL BE FIXED ASAP (4328.txt) - 'Hacking on the Fairphone 2'
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I think we waited long enough. Does someone know how to fill a bug report here? Maybe we can tell them that some people really want to see it …


Opened issue on Github.

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I also asked video@fosdem.org for why the video is still unavailable. This is the answer:

You may already have spotted the reply on this mailing list to somebody asking the same thing about a different recording.I’ll repeat the answer I gave there, since it applies for this video as well:
not available yet because there were some problems getting the
recordings of the slides to match up correctly and it needs manual
attention.(All Sunday recordings of rooms aw1124, ub2252a,
ud2120 were affected by this exact same problem, actually… The Sunday
recordings of h1301 and h1302 have the opposite problem (cam feed needs
to be matched up but slides are okay) and Sunday k3401 just needs to be
re-timed by somebody but the material is all okay. All other recordings
have already been made available.)
Sadly, needing human attention means needing the time of volunteers and that means it’s hard (well, impossible) to give an ETA.All I can say is “as soon as somebody has time”, which hopefully is sooner rather than later.

  • Jaron

Here is a small video to consume during the wait



I wonder, can’t they just publish the raw material? I’m sure others are capable to put this together als well. It’s just muxing/synching the audio/video I assume.

Thought about that as well, but maybe they don’t want to publish unfinished stuff. Therefore, it might be more promising to get in contact wth them if you’re willing and able to do this muxing and syncing. :wink:

I agree … but it’s either open and they want help, or not.

I’m not a big fan of this “closed circle of friends” control things. They could create a folder called RAW where they dump audio/video and hope for some people to fix it for them and maybe even send them a copy. Best with a small howto (what format, what not to do). It shouldn’t be that hard and it’s not the first FOSDEM. If they want to keep their recordings until the next FOSDEM, fine with me. It’s their work somehow and if they don’t want to release roughly cut in raw, they might have their reasons.

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There was an update on their issues page. Looks like mid June could work! I’ve seen the presentation, so don’t expect too much new stuff. I think I reported most of the stuff here … but let’s see what I’ve missed :slight_smile: But it’s nice to know that they still work on it. Thanks to everyone involved here and on the FOSDEM side.

“Policy is not to release unedited material because people will have been recorded not realizing they were being recorded. Rest assured however, that all missing videos will be uploaded very soon. On June 11th most of the video team is getting together for specifically the purpose of getting the last few things finished up.”

Source: https://github.com/FOSDEM/videobox/issues/42