GPS with Open OS - settings keep reverting to 'high accuracy'


To get rid of Google I installed the OS Open Fairphone 2 …
Everything works but the location of the configuration problem is re-appeared
To know:

  • When I enable the localization the “high accuracy” mode is enabled by default.
  • I rule on “device only” and use my apps easily
  • but when I reuses the location the “high accuracy” mode is activated again
    The experiment via Google Play Services can not be used (full dégooglisation) is there another alternative to resolve the GPS location by default ?

Thank you

Maybe you find a workaround here:

Let localisation-service switched to “on” with “device only”. GPS does not use any interesting amount of power, only the apps which use the localisation-service use very much power. But if not used no power is used.

To avoid confusion with other topics, I’ve added to the title what I understand that your problem is (localisation mode keeps switching back to high accuracy when you’ve set it to device only). Feel free to change it if that isn’t what you meant!

Apparently it is the normal behavior of Android, I try this on a Xperia Z5 mini and it is exactly the same thing…

This is what I usually do:

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My reply goes for you to, Nico - why so complicated - let it switched on …

In my mind, lot’s of applications ask for your position for “nothing”, like newspapers, weather widget, etc. But maybe I am wrong.
So I prefer to have my GPS physically off and complicate myself instead of letting access to GPS to apps that, for me, don’t need it :wink:

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very simple and effective solution … I should think!
Thank you

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