GPS no refreshing fast enough


Hi all,

Lately, when driving or running the GPS only takes some points. So I am moving hundreds of meters each time.
I checked all settings to have it precise, disable battery optimization.

Have you experimented it too?

Is the screen on or off when this happens? And which app do you use?

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Edit: have a look here

Thanks for your answer.

Screen is off:
I have this with Strava & Waze ( on Android Auto )

OK so I would start to check the permissions as mentioned in the linked thread

I encounter also GPS issues since last firmware update (FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920).

It takes now up to 4 minutes to get the GPS position with Waze.
Before the update it was almost instant (never had the red notification waiting for the GPS within the application).

I cleared the cache of the application. I also checked the parameters (Localisation/Accès aux données de localisation) and switched back and forth between ‘Always’ and ‘only when using the application’ for Waze.

Same issue here. That ‘jumping’ here is because the phone can’t get GPS data, it uses wifi and cell tower information to acquire some location data. This is of course very inaccurate.
After about 20 minutes I get a GPS fix and the accuracy of the GPS starts working.
The fix is however completely lost after not using the GPS for one hour or longer.
The issue is discussed in this thread also:

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