[Got One] Looking for a cheapish FP2 ^__^ (UK/Germany)

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Hi! I’ve been following the Fairphone story since the beginning but didn’t need one during FP1 and couldn’t afford an FP2 (still can’t +__+).

I’m looking for a FP2, I don’t care for scratches or quirks, ideally I’d be looking for one around 300€, thanks a lot!

Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem FP2, habe kein Problem mit Gebrauchsspuren, Kratzern oder anderen Eigennheiten. Wär supercool, wenn der Preis um 300€ liegen könnte, danke!

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I’m selling my fairphone, see here: FP2 for sale (under warranty)

Let me know if you are interested. The price includes P&P but happy to discuss.



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