Googlepay not working fix

Googlepay or Contactless Phone Payments not working ? Try latest software update :

Plus remember your NFC antenna is in the bottom right side of your phone about 3 and a half cm up, when viewed from the front. So hold the bottom part of your phone over scanner. Works fine for me now.

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Welcome to the forum. I wonder what made you write such a post, presumably you have n FP3; did you have any problems with NFC?

Yes, Googlepay would not work. I could not make contactless payments with my phone. Which a lot of Fairphone users have experienced recently. But since installing the software update. And learning the NFC antenna is at the bottom end of the phone and not the top. It now works fine.


I wasn’t aware and a search here gives no such indication, but thanks for pointing it out

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This issue was fixed 16 months ago. I think this:

Is probably less important than this:

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