Google Photos App will not actually download images synchronised via Google Photos to my FP4

Hi FP community,

For the last 24hrs I’ve been experiencing a super annoying issue with the Google Photos app: something I’ve not been able to resolve even after extensive googling of the issue. Oddly enough, there’s a post on the Google Photos Help forum from March this year, but it’s been locked for replies without any possible answers being provided.

Any new images I synchronise across my Google Photos account will not download to my FP4 after tapping Download, even after receiving a notification that the image has indeed downloaded to my phone. Furthermore, the Download button remains and does not change to ‘Delete from device’. The same is not true of older images I uploaded to my account via Google Photos using a desktop browser, and I seem to be able to download them to my FP4 and remove again without issue.

For example, I recently created some images for an event using Canva on my laptop. I then dragged the images into my Google Photos account via my laptop browser, and as expected, the images sync across my Google Photos account and show on the app on my FP4. However, it’s no longer possible to directly download them onto my phone in order to use with other apps such as social media, messaging etc. I have to take the extra step of uploading the images to my Google Drive and then downloading them on my FP4 via the Drives app so that they are then saved to my phone and show in Google Photos.

The problematic photos themselves also appear to have been given an oddly named file path in the Google Photos app which includes “.trashed-##########-FILENAME” (see attached images as examples). This is completely different to any photos taken with the FP4 camera, presumably because of the way the photos have been added to the Photos account (i.e. via file upload or directly from the camera).

I’ve cleared the Google Photos app cache, storage, checked for updates and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but to no avail.

As ever, any ideas or suggested gratefully received!


Do you mean this which indicates that the images were deleted somewhere along the saving/moving efforts.

Hi amoun,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, the images are showing as if they’ve been “trashed” even though they clearly exist in the standard Google Photos stream. As you say, it’s almost as if they’re being directed to the recycle bin upon download, or even when they’re uploaded in the first place. This currently happens to any photo I upload to Google Photos via a desktop browser interface, and so I have to use the Google Drives workaround I mentioned above.


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