Google doesn't sync after update

I have the same problem here: Since updating to 1.8.5 my Google account doesn’t sync automatically anymore (other apps seemed to be affected as well in the beginning, but now seem to work sometimes at least). This especially results in a lack of notification when I get a new email, instead I have to check the app and update the emails regularly.
Also since the update the connection symbol in the top of the screen isn’t blue anymore but grey, I assume that these two things are connected. This would indicate a problem with syncing in general (system wide), not just with Google.
Thanks for any help :smiley:

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After a software update you sometimes have to download an App from the Play Store before Googles Synch function works properly again. The Wifi Symbol should turn blue then too.
Also you may have to add the google account again (Settings > Add Account > Google).

Yes, thanks! I deinstalled the Gmail app and reinstalled it and it’s working again (including that the connection symbol is blue again)!!


Explanation is here:

Google Cloud Messaging also effects other apps than Google Apps, e.g. Threema.

My gmail push was broken too after the update, I tried a while to get it back including two factory resets but eventually it was fixed by updating google+ from the playstore, frustratingly if I then uninstall google+ the problem comes back,

Updating any other app (which you hopefully don’t want to uninstall afterwards) should also do the trick. It should link your newly updated phone to the Google Push (Google Cloud Messaging) servers again.

Hi Sanne,

I’m not sure whether you’re still interested, but there is a “general” phone setting for syncing:

Go to “settings” -> “Data usage”, then click on the settings button in the bottom panel of the phone (below the screen, to the left). There is a field “Auto-sync data” which you might have (had) unticked?

(I learned this in this thread I opened myself sometime ago.)

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Hi Alfonso,
I got it working in the meantime but thanks for letting me know anyway! :slight_smile: