Sync is off for all accounts after update

Hi everybody,

after my beloved FP1U gave me the bluescreen and only the bluescreen today, I updated to Kola Nut. Everything works fine, besides this: none of my accounts sync automatically.

For all accounts (CalDAV, CardDAV, Google, Telegram) the menu in the settings says “Sync is OFF”.

Moreover, I use K9 mail to retrieve my e-mails. In the inbox it says “Syncing is disabled”.

I can sync all these accounts manually, but my phone tells me that syncing is disabled and, in fact, it really won’t sync automatically, I have tested this. Is there some global setting for this? I have searched the settings but couldn’t find anything.

I have the feeling that the answer to this post will make me look like an ass but please feel free!

Have you tried Settings > Data usage > menu button?

I have automatic synchronization checked there.

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See? I told you. Now I look like an ass.

Sincere thanks anyway! That did the trick.

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No you don’t, don’t worry. Your question seems not be be one which is asked every week twice, and it provided the info needed to get someone to troubleshoot you. :thumbsup:

We live and learn. And Android is a mess considering menu options. :smile:

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Also it seems that you never unticked the option, but it just got lost during the update process/blue screen.

And yes, this option is not easy to find!