Google Chrome activates itself

Hi everyone,

I observed some annoying behaviour with Google Chrome. I deactivated the app, because I use Firefox and the Android System WebView is sufficient for apps that rely on it.

However, since two weeks ago, Chrome activates itself and wants to update via the app store. If I deactivate it, it just starts again the next day or the day after tomorrow.

I didn’t change anything in that time. However, one or two months ago, I wiped everything in TWRP and manually installed my FP2 from scratch. But as everything went smoothly and this issue with Chrome just started recently, I don’t think it’s related to the fresh install.

Anyone else encountered that issue? It’s not a major problem, just a but bit annyoing. :slight_smile:

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Yep, me same here :frowning: Plus Youtube app has same behaviour.

I use Fairphone OS 19.05.3 but I didn’t notice it in the beginning of this release, just recently.

Sounds like a bug or “feature” from Google then. :roll_eyes:

Let us hope that it get resolved in the foreseeable future.

I understand, it very annoying any application does that. Did you try uninstalling it and again reinstalling it?

Sadly Google Chrome is a system app, otherwise uninstalling it would have solved my problem altogether :slight_smile: It can only be deactivated and the issue is that it reactivates itself recently.

A solution to this would be to install FP OpenOS, which doesn’t include any G00gle-Apps. If you still want e.g. the Play Store (although you really don’t need it since you can get your apps from other sources as well without G00gle tracking you), you can install an OpenGApps package that doesn’t include the rest of the G00gle-Spyware :slight_smile:

(If that sounds very complicated, but you’re generally interested, just reply to me, I’m happy to explain it to you in more detail :blush:)


Haha, that wouldn’t solve the bug, but definitely solve the problem. :smile: I did try LineageOS 16 a few months ago, but it was a bit to buggy back then. Maybe I’ll give it another shot if I find the time.

Do you auto-update for apps in the playstore enabled?
Might be apps that are updated are also automatically enabled again.

Would suspect it to be an Android issue and not necessarily Fairphone specific.

Auto-update is active, but that was never a problem the last years :slight_smile: I also suspect it is an Android issue and not a Fairphone one. I just thought that someone also has that issue and might know a quick fix.

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