Google calendar without google play service

A fast IP / Port Scan and your server is in focus.

Thats not possible - you would scan the router and those from AVM are very tight.

And the difference with the seatbelts: I use seatbelts but I’m not in a racecar …

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No, what, lazy? Didn’t know. :smiley:
Anyhow, give it a shot. It’s really straight forward …

On my old server I had Debian Wheezy, now I slowly try to migrate everything to another server which runs Debian Jessie. I think since there are so many Debian servers our there, you find lot’s of good tutorials that really help to learn how things work, and how to set up things (That was for me also the main reason why started to get interested in running my own server; to learn how certain online services work, and what privacy and security means when using the Internet).

What the f… Jesus. Do a port scan and do it right. You (!) open Port 80 (http) and 443 (https). So everybody see this open ports.
AVM don´t block this, you open this port for everybody outside…when you block this ports you can´t use your services…
AVM firewall don´t help you if you make holes in it.

But I don´t want discuss in the Fairphone forum about network security basics.

like me… exact the same. If you looking for a good book: Linux: Das umfassende Handbuch von Rheinwerke.

I am a very happy customer of (aliases give opportunity to not be locked with .de email extension).
That fixed all my issues when is was in the kick google out quest.
It works flawlessly.

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I just got my Fairphone and installed FOOS directly, really happy!
I will also try to get rid of google calendar, but I need it right now to sync my calendar with other people. I have installed aCalDav and it works fine (a little slow to sync at the beginning).

  1. Download aCalDav
  2. Create a new aCalDav account (settings/accounts…)
  3. you will find the URL on this page (the email address for me was, not
  4. let the phone synchronize. It takes quite some time and it was only partially synchronized for me. First I had only my main calendar, but not the other ones. I deleted the aCalDav account and created a new one. This time, without the /events at the end: It worked, but some events from a subcalendar came only after one day. I wonder why!

I will try to find another way than google to synchronize my calendar with other people, but not everyone shares my concerns !

I’m looking for a standalone calendar with alert functions etc. for my FP2 Open. I don’t find any :frowning: And yes, I don’t want to create accounts, neither wit Google nor with Apple nor with Amazon :rage:

Well then you’re in the wrong topic.
You’ll need an app that allows creation of offline calendars (like this one).
If you have further questions please search the forum for “offline calendar”.


click this difficult calendar search

That is pretty mean.
I think it is a good question and maybe some other people are interested in such an calender. You google search is not helpful. For almost every result your search you find apps out of the play store. If someone is looking for an app without google it is very likely that this person does noz want to use or install the play store.

I’m using the suggested app “offline calender” and “calender import/export” from f-droid with the standard calender app already installed.

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So is this a solved issue? My situation is that I’m looking to switch to Fairphone Open, but for work I need to interact with a Google calendar. So is there a Fairphone Open compatible calendar app which will support both

  • a personal calendar off ownCloud (say - currently I actually sync my Jolla+Sailfish directly with Evolution on Linux)
  • and a few shared calendars off Google

? Does your solution handle this @chrisse?

If anyone wants to use a cloud-calendar, then install a caldav-app like davdroid or similar. Give that app the needed information (URL, name, password) and you have a calendar on your phone.

But to use this calendar you need a calendar-app that can handle cloud-calendars like say acalendar or business-calendar. I tried a dozen apps and 10 of those could handle the cloud-calendar. It is a matter of your like which calendar-app to use.


Edit: @conrad, could you please post here what of the quoted ways worked for you, if any? You know, for future reference, :wink:

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Yes, it works for me. I have noticed some small bugs sometimes (some events don’t sync, but it’s quite rare).
Roboe’s third solution (microG) would be the safest, but would mean more Google on your phone. You can always try the aCalDav (or DAVdroid) solution first to see if it works fine for you.


Will do. [BTW sorry you had to repeat yourself @Roboe ; being a long thread it was difficult to pick out a conclusion.]

I’m thinking I may try to blog my whole Google-free process and experience since I haven’t seen a recent straightforward how-to that isn’t buried in lots of technical discussion (noting that “Living without Google 2.0 - A Google free FP2” discusses many routes and I think could benefit from a plain-old-user’s “how this affects me day-to-day” perspective). Will see if I get time.

No problem, I just made the answer accessible for you, :slight_smile:

Nice idea! Tell me when you write it, I’ll surely have a look and find something interesting, :smiley:


J’ai de multiples agenda google et je suis sur FP Open.
Je ne parvenais pas à visualiser ces agendas sur mon FP.
J’ai enfin trouvé une solution correcte… La voici.

1/ Télécharger aCalDav
2/ Ajouter un compte aCalDav sous la forme suivante :
3/ Pour les calendriers secondaires, choisir les calendriers à synchroniser
La toute première synchronisation peut prendre beaucoup de temps (plusieurs heures…)

Perso, j’utilise le magnifique agenda aCalendar

--------- In english


I have multiple diary google and I am on Open FP.
I did not manage to visualize these diaries on my FP.
I finally found a solution correct…. Here.

1/ Download aCalDav
2/ Add an account aCalDav in the following form:
3/ For the secondary calendars, choose the calendars to be synchronized here:

Very first synchronization can take much time (several hours…)

Personally, I use the splendid diary aCalendar

Doesn´t work for me.
Message: Error, wrong URL
Is this the URL I must enter in the URL field?

No just type it in your browser…
You have to connect to your google account.
You choose the calendars that you would have on your FP…
That’s all…


Doesn´t work. I only see the address book.