Google calendar without google play service


how can I sync my google calendar and the calendar on FP2 without google play service?
The DAVdroid bridge doesn´t work. Google disabled the calDav function.


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You could try MicroG (untested). But if you use their calendar services for your calendar … maybe using their software could help :wink: But do you have prove that they really removed the calDav function? Could you post a link? Maybe they just changed something? I don’t know much about Google, but I know people use the Google calendar on iPhones so it seems to be some kind of open protocol. What kind of url do you use (just rewrite the mail part before posting).

Other calender services that still work with DAV according to DAVdorid:

AOL, Apple’s Calendar and Contacts Server, Apple iCloud, Baïkal, Bitrix24, contactzilla, CozyCloud, DAViCal, eGroupware, fastmail, fruux, GMX, Group-Office, Horde, IceWarp, iCloud, Kerio Connect, KolabNow, Mac OS X Server,,, Nextcloud, openCRX, Oracle Communications UCS, OwnCloud, OwnCube,, SOGo, Synology DSM, Tine 2.0,, Yahoo (calendars only), Yandex, Zimbra Server

yes, only ical or html. My problem is my calandar app. Many android calendar apps uses the google calendar for the data source. No google calendar -> many apps does not work.

So the only things is to use for all my calendar (google, exchange, …) on special calendar app…

Before I used an iPhone. There you can create a google Account for only Calendar. But with FP open OS there is no way to create a “only calendar” google account.
First you must install google play services…dam

In such situations I really miss my iPhone…

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That’s a lock-in Google puts on purpose on Android. Don’t worry, Apple services have lock-ins too, :wink:

If you only need read-only access to calendars, I suggest ICSdroid. When someone shares a Google calendar to me (although I try to convince them for not doing it that way), that’s the option I use.

Otherwise, you can try following this 2013 Mozilla post with DAVdroid.

Third option is trying microG and installing Google Calendar from Google Play (or searching the APK online). I can provide further help for this.

Fourth and last option is installing a GApps minimal package (like OpenGApps pico) and so letting Google control your phone.

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That looks good…but you need signature spoofing. I have no idea that FP open OS supports ?

My challenge is to kick out google so much as possible.
That was one of my reasons to change my phone and pc away from Apple. Kick out all the big “control companies”
(Apple, Google, Windows).

There is a xposed module for that. Maybe it will work for you (I use it on a FP1 and it works, including mircoG). But I guess this will needed a rooted phone.

What made you switch? Just wondering, because Android has lots of drawbacks too and it’s the cloud servers that make your phone dependent, not so much the software on it. (Google Mail, maps, … Apple/Google app store). The try to get your data every time you want to uses their services, not so much their phones.

Hey guys,
I just tried to install microG, but I’m stuck at the blankstore. FP1 KK 4.4.4

I have problems to get it running. I downloaded it microG XDA and followed the instruction more or less here. When I’m starting blankstore I register with my mail address and password but I have no clue what to do with my android ID. I tried a few times this on windows but I got an error message and I cannot get it running on linux, I have problems with java on linux.

I also tried this, but it didn’t solve the problem.

Wrong place to discuss this.
The short version: In beginning Apple was great, all software work together, great clean hardware, etc… But now Zero Clients, everything must be in Apple Cloud, all hardware gummed up, the new MacPro…Jesus… no commend.
AND Apple dictate you what you need. They dictate how a app / software must be. If not, they kick you out…
The same with the iPhone.
I bought the Fairphone because of the hardware concept. The iPhone is at this point the worst thing you can buy.
It´s new, expensive hardware, gummed up, low memory, one SIM, no expandable memory, expansive repairs, only Apple apps, all apps must be in the app store, they collect personal data, etc … no way…

Apple is like a Dictator!

That´s wrong. Most of my stuff stored on phone or at my own servers. I only use gmail and the calendar.
And hey, it´s a phone! For real gaming, working, etc. you need other stuff.

On all my PCs and MacBook run linux. No OSX or Windows…and it works…since years…

I try to get the best of both worlds. Good hardware (Fairphone) and good Software (FP Open OS / Linux).

I love the double-sided fairness of the Fairphone.


Both does not fit under one hat. No Google but Google calendar?

That’s the solution: Owncloud on your server and using the owncloud-calendar via caldav …



Hey, it can be a transition state. I was there. When you are trying to adquire SaaS freedom you win a single battle at a time.
Your solution is right, of course, but requires time. Here I’m using that stack (RasPi + ownCloud).

There is a big difference between using two google service (mail, calendar) and using a whole google controlled and monitored system.

It´s a little bit more than only owncloud and Raspi :grin:

As @fp1_wo_sw_updates stated, you can get signature spoofing with XPosed. FP2 Open OS has root access by default. That’s easy and doesn’t require a PC, but I prefer a little more incisive method: Needle. One single python3 run on the command line and you are ready to go (until the next update). Cleaner than a bloated XPosed installation.

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Easy: both items and DynDNS and a little bit configuration. By the way: it’s the best backup-solution without Google

So why do you worry? You only share your mails and appointments with Google’s cloud servers. I don’t see the point here :innocent: I’m not trying to troll you, I just don’t get it.

Just stop using their services and you don’t need special software to fool them all the time. You only need that for apps … that … just for fun … use Google services sometimes.

So in the end you get what you want by using F-droid and a non-google rom.

I know. I have one rootserver and one VPS. So I didn´t need DynDNS. All the communication is over a VPN.
BTW I hope your OwnCloud (raspi) is in a DMZ if you use it behind your router?

yeah I know that, too. :grin:

Step by step. A own mailserver is a lot of work.

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No, why should it? It’s a webserver, only http and https are accepted by the router and nothing else. And on the server I did not use any common directory- ore filenames, so all attacks (plenty) point to empty space.

Since you already run a VPS, why would you use Google calender (if you don’t like to use google services) and why don’t you use Baïkal or something similar to sync your calendar and maybe also contacts?

It’s very easy to set up.

Btw: there are also great tutorials how to set up and configure your mail server, it’s not too hard, takes maybe an afternoon when you do it for the first time (I have been there earlier this year :wink: )

WTF? If someone hack you he is in your local network. Or how your phone or other devices connect to the internet? If your router is the local point for every device (incl. your server) it can be a problem.
For that point a DMZ makes it save. That the reason why every company uses a DMZ for web and mailserver.
If you “lose” your webserver the LAN is still save.
What services you open at your server (http, https, ssl, ftp)? Even you open ssl an forgot to block the root login the attacker know the username (root). Brute-force attack -> done.

It´s easy to build and makes all saver. Do you monitor your server? How do you save your Server?

Don´t ask :grin: …laziness…
First I move to my new apartment then I do all that stuff…

An afternoon? A postfix server with dovecot? hmmm… I build a small one with postfix, fetchmail and dovecot. And I need a little bit more than one afternoon :grinning:


True, try it. I monitor my server, that’s the reason I could tell about plenty attacks. That’s the reason I changed everything from the normal to my liking. The server does not even run at a “normal” location.

Don’t forget, that private servers are not on the list of professional hackers. So I am not to paranoid with security though the server does backups every night and my router is the newest from AVM.

Understandable :slight_smile:

Though, if you have used mysql before, then it will be quite easy and fast (Just download and let the installer do the rest). I am sure that setting up for example Baïkal or Owncloud will take you less time than you already spent with writing and reading in this thread :wink:

Regarding the mail server: I also use postfix with dovecot, maybe I was lucky with the tutorial I found, I just followed step by step, and in the end it worked. Adjusted a few more configurations in the next days and now it’s running since a few months. Though, I moved to a new server with a more to date OS, so I will have to do it again in the next days or weeks, and I already hope it will go as smooth again … :slight_smile: