Google Assistant not working on FP4

Hello, new FP4 user, longtime Android user.
I can’t get Google Assistant to work on my FP4. Been through all the Google support stuff and as far as I can tell all my settings are correct. It just doesn’t respond to ‘Hey Google’.
Any ideas?

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I have the same problem. Every night I turn off my fp4, and every morning the google assistant does not even dare to open. I checked many help topic for this problem, update, microphone problem, etc… but the only thing that currently work is when I RESTART the phone (not turn off and turn on). But that’s a bit annoying to do every day. Hope they can fix that

Hi CDubya and Owein_P, welcome both of you to the community and the forum.

Question for both of you: does the GA function if you touch and hold the “Home” button (the round middle one in 3-button navigation)?

In general terms, if something needs fixing, you should get in touch with official Fairphone support: #contactsupport. The community forum is not a channel for getting software fixed without your letting Fairphone know about the problem.


Hi OldRoutard, thank you for your answer! The middle button only works when I restart the phone… Otherwise it’s like frozen.
I’ll send a message describing the problem then.

No, it brings up an intro to GA but still doesn’t respond to voice input.

For the audio (Tia’s) problem, (“Hey Google” doesn’t produce any result) I suppose it is possibly or even likely the same problem as described and commented in this very long topic:

The work-around for that problem is to turn off the Google Assistant!

This problem is one of the known problems of the FP4 as catalogued here. It only affects certain units.

Tia and Owein, another question: are the people you call, experiencing problems hearing you?

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