Google Apps can't be reinstalled

A short confirmation from my side:
–> Cherry 1.6
–> Install PreUpdateKolaNut 1.8.5
–> Reboot
–> Install Google Apps from New FP Updater
–> Reboot
–> No Google Playstore symbol in “AllApps” is available (But Google Maps, Keyboard etc. are working)

The complete Installation of KolaNut 1.8.5 I will do later (after a 2nd Nandroid backup) and will report back, if playstore is back again.

Any comments? Cheers, Robert

My story using @therob post
–> KolaNut 1.8
–> Install Storage_Upgrader_1_8_5
–> Reboot
–> Install Google Apps from New FP Updater
–> Reboot
–> The symbol of install Google Apps is still available but Google Apps is not installed.

No access to Google Apps, Account, Contacts, etc…

Thanks, Vitor

Well mine appears to be completely banjaxed now.

I have 1.8.5 with unified storage on my original Fairphone. Every time I boot I am offered the chance to install the Google apps (and play store). This downloads and restarts and the cycle begins again.

I can no longer try to manually install a new version because when I boot into the recovery mode and look on the SD Card there is only


nothing else.

So. It seems for now I have only a minimal phone with only the basic apps that Fairphone provides and no access to Google stuff.

Any ideas how to recover from this?

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@vitorvasconcelos and @therob

You did step 3 before step 2, wich makes no sense. I updated the 1.8.5 Wiki to warn people about this mistake.

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OK, maybe it makes no sense, but it should work, shouldn’t it?
I thougth the PreUpdate 1.8.5 only updates the “FP Updater App” and don’t makes anything else?
In an earlier post I already “complained” the unsufficient information (Missing “ChangeLog”) about this PreUpdate step…

And I wouldn’t call it a “mistake”, just an unnecassary step…hopefully!

Well since the Pre-Update is not meant to be done without the rest of the process there is no changelog for this small step.

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OK, but a lot of tech interested people just want to now from first hand what happens during a specific and additionally installation step…am I wrong?

It’s just fine to be curious but wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to ask (directly contact FP) than to just try & disregard official guidlines?

Yep, I agree. But I did not disregard the guidline, just added an additional step from which I had no details if good or bad. But however, I just wait until I finished the complete update process and hope everything will be fine again.

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In my case I didn´t installed Pre-Update. Did I? I’m confused…

If you manually installed the Update then I think steps 1+2 were fused to one point.
If you have the option to install GAPPS through the Fairphone Updater App then the pre-update was successful.

Ok. Tried to reinstall the sofware again meanwile. As soon as it boots it notifies me that I need to reinstall my App Store… I think the problem is with the GAAPS installer inside the software update…

I don’t see a problem there. It’s normal that you have to (and are prompted to) reinstall the App store after the update.

EDIT: Or did you mean reinstalling Google Apps with:

If you are unable to install the app store because the widget tells you it is already installed it usually helps to simply try to reinstall the software version you are running.
You can do this in the Fairphone updater app, also protip when the Fairphone asks for superuser access it is important to give it permanent access.

No what I’m saying is that I am in a constant loop.

Software Update > Boot > Notification to reinstall App Store > Boot > Notification to reinstall App Store > Boot > Notification to reinstall App Store >…
But I never have to get it installed (the App Store).

I am not asked in any moment for superuser access…

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As vitorvasconcelos says, this is the problem I have. There isn’t any way to install anything. I have wiped all user data and there isn’t anything to change. It’s simply broken and now my phone is basically as useful as an old Nokia.

Is there an option to ignore the notification? Maybe “manually” starting the Google Installation with the Updater App does the trick.

PS: Also maybe clearing cache and/or data of the Updater App helps?

To be sure I have done this again, cleared the cache of the app and attempted a Fairphone updater install. This also fails.

Can you tell me how to circumvent the issue whereby the Recovery Mode doesn’t let me pick up any files in the sections of the phone I can access. Basically, I presume there is still some internal place it points to due to the unified storage update and I would like to be able to access that. Otherwise, I will have to buy a new phone.

Same thing here as @TheoGB… Useless smartphone for the moment…

I never (had to) use recovery mode so I don’t know what parts of rhe storage it can access, but if none of them can ba accessed by the default file manager you can use apps like simple explorer to move files.

PS: Simple Explorer needs root access to be able to edit files anywhere on the device.