Giving away FP4 green phone case in France


I recently ordered my FP5 plus a phone case but accidently chose a FP4 case. I had it refunded so I am giving it away, but you will have to pay for the shipping. It is a green phone case

I live in France near Clermont-Ferrand but I may be able to deliber it near Marseille as well as I go there often.

(Additionally, I am looking for a blue FP5 case as well, same locations)

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Hello Lukas and welcome.
Please note that people have not been over enthusiastic about the FP5 case and offering it for free once received the refund. Search the forum for threads.
Best wishes

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Hello ! Je suis interessé.

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Salut François,
Hello François

Je te laisse me contacter par message si tu peux, je n’ai pas encore la possibilité d’envoyer des messages privés (ou je n’ai pas compris comment ?). Vers quelle région es-tu ?

Hi, I have a FP5 case which I do not need, but it is green. If you are happy with it I can give it to you for free.

J’ai répondu par messages privés, mais apparemment, tu ne les a pas reçus.
Je suis en Ile de France, tu peux me joindre à PM ou par e-mail.

Thank you very much but I am really looking for a blue one :slight_smile:

No problem. It was worth a try :slight_smile:

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