🇨🇿 Giveway - FP3 Camera+ Module

Hello, I have ordered the new camera+ module for my PF3, however its installation wasn’t successful so I changed it for the old one again and I am offering the new module since I can not return it. Anybody want’s to give it a try for the shipping costs from Prague, CZ?

Are you on Android 10? If you are and it still doesn’t work, have you contacted Fairphone Support about this problem?

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Perhaps this can help you to install them correctly?

Yes, it has been updated and we were trying to solve it with the Support but without success.


Sorry to hear. :neutral_face:

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Thanks, I was also following the advice, tried for 5 times and it was not working, even though connector seemed to be attached well.


I am wondering if
a) you can test the camera in another phone maybe via a Faiphone angel and
b) Fairphone have asked you to return it to test it?


Unfortunately I don’t know anybody with FP and there are no FP angels in Czech :frowning:

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Fairphone advised me to offer it here because the return from Czech would be somehow complicated and not sustainable (it won’t be anyway, since there is no FP in Czech)

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Somewhat sad and unexpected that Fairphone won’t accept the cost of postage as i would think it is in their interest a) keep the customer on board by testing and b) try and find out the problem. Maybe you could send it to a Fairphone angel in Holland or Germany and at least they could test it.

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