[GIVEN AWAY] Giving away barely functioning FP2

I’m giving away my old FP2. It does still work, but is very slow and crashes are common. It has experienced a toilet-dive once (the problems where there before the dive though). I don’t think the phone will survive for much longer, so am giving it away if someone wants to use it for spare parts.

  • phone is from 2016.
  • battery and camera module from 2019
  • bottom module from feb 2020.
  • blue slim case from I don’t remember

Will ship from Uppsala, Sweden (or pick up if you live nearby).

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, you will have to be a basic user on the forum. Reference about how to become one and other trust levels can be found here.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Does the phone still switch on? Could you check which parts still work (well, once the phone is dry)?
Also, for water damage, you can check the #waterwiki.

I might be interested.

The phone still “works”, but as I mentioned is really slow and crashes repeteadly. I had just ordered a new phone when I dropped it. Took it apart and let the parts dry. I’m not sure if there is any water damage at all since the problems were there before, just mentioned it for transparencys sake.

The past few weeks I’ve used it only as a podcast player since I did’nt have any compatible ear phones for my new phone until now. So it’s not dead.

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Well I might be interested then! I will send you a DM this evening, I don’t have time right now.

I am interested if the phone is still available, I send you a DM!

The phone is gone now. I’m looking for how to edit the headline right now.